It is here,
in the stillness, in the quiet,
in the muted light of a sultry afternoon,
that I return to my centre, that I find my peace.


Wishing you all a safe, happy and sensual holiday season.

~Minx x

  1. Edward 2017.12.23 8:29am

    Oh, you are such magnificence, far more heady than anything I’ll find Christmas morning

  2. Osbasso 2017.12.23 8:36am

    That’s the best Christmas card I’ve seen this season.
    Merry Christmas to you, m’dear! <3

    • Cheeky Minx 2018.01.06 6:37pm

      Really? Should I get in touch with Hallmark? 😉

      I hope you had a lovely Christmas and New Year!

  3. fridayam 2017.12.23 8:49am

    My words fail me, lovely lady, at this beautiful image. A Happy Christmas to you xx

    • Cheeky Minx 2018.01.06 8:22pm

      I consider your speechlessness a win, fridayam. I hope you had a wonderful holiday season…

  4. bhp 2017.12.24 7:44am

    Seasons greetings to you dear and gorgeous Minx.
    I hope Santa finds you.. perhaps not in this peaceful state tho.. Or there may be distribution delays.

    • Cheeky Minx 2018.01.06 8:26pm

      But aren’t delays expected at Christmas? Besides, Santa needs to… um… fill up on seasonal ‘cheer’… 😉

      I hope you had a wonderful one, bhp!

  5. John Brownstone 2017.12.25 12:03am

    Such a lovely repose. Have a most Merry Christmas dear Minx and a blessed New Year.

    • Cheeky Minx 2018.01.06 8:28pm

      Thank you so much for the wonderful thoughts, JB.

      May 2018 be a magnificent year for us all…

  6. jetosh 2017.12.25 4:40am

    The twisted bed cloyhes, the discsrded pieces of your lingerie ensemble. the brassiere rearrenged for access to your breasts & the resting pose of a woman well loved.

    A Very Merry Christmas to you Minx!
    From a cool (only -5 C), snowy (yes we are getting a white Christmas) Ontario, Canada.

    • Cheeky Minx 2018.01.06 8:33pm

      I’m fairly certain -5°C is beyond “cool”! Since the temps are set to reach the 40°C mark here tomorrow, we should all meet in the middle so we can enjoy a very pleasant day.

      Thank you for the glorious praise and kind wishes, jetosh. I can only hope you had a bountiful and happy Christmas and New Year…

  7. obsessed 2017.12.26 3:25am

    divinity in the flesh.

    • Cheeky Minx 2018.01.06 8:38pm

      If only, obsessed. If only.

      (You have my eternal gratitude for thinking so…)

  8. the late phoenix 2017.12.26 4:21am

    humming Santa Baby…