Over the Hudson

Let’s take a bite, let’s leave our mark
on the craving flesh of this city, on every inch
of the glass in this room floating high over the Hudson.

  1. Ben 2017.05.21 7:56am

    In Manhattan? Call and let’s meet for a drink.

    • Cheeky Minx 2017.05.21 8:17am

      It is – or was, more accurately. I’m now back home again.

      Thank you for the kind offer, Ben. Maybe next time?

      • ben 2017.05.22 2:46am

        Next time indeed. At the Harvard Club, if you like.

  2. fridayam 2017.05.21 8:20am

    What a fabulouly beautiful image of a beautiful woman x

  3. Nick 2017.05.21 9:25am

    Fantastic photo. Super composition and execution.

    • Cheeky Minx 2017.05.21 10:34am

      That’s incredibly kind of you, Nick. Thank you…

  4. Jack (and Jill) 2017.05.21 10:54am

    Such a perfect image. Enticing. Erotic. Suggestive. Beautiful. As always.

    • Cheeky Minx 2017.05.27 7:35pm

      I don’t think I could wish or ask for higher praise…

  5. John Brownstone 2017.05.21 11:46am

    So close and yet so far. That was my old stomping ground.
    You must have been looking out the window wondering when I was going to be there.
    Lovely shot.

    • Cheeky Minx 2017.05.27 7:37pm

      Actually, I did. And waited for your appearance.

      Your old stomping ground is simply glorious. I have to confess that I am head over (suede peeptoe) heels.

      Thank you so much for the wonderful words yet again, JB.

  6. Osbasso 2017.05.21 2:00pm

    Whew! Legs all the way up to Montreal! Trust you had a great time here, in spite of, well, you know who…

    • Cheeky Minx 2017.05.27 7:40pm

      Indeed, I did, Os. Thank you!

      As (bad) luck would have it, he was in NYC at the very same time. What are the odds?!

  7. Camille 2017.05.22 12:28am

    Stunning photo, lovely lady! Your thoughtful and evocative poses never fail to set our imaginations into motion! ~C

    • Cheeky Minx 2017.06.11 5:12pm

      Is it a coincidence that yours have the very same effect on me? 😉

  8. A54 2017.05.23 3:29am

    Love the stance, open, bold, exposed, yet covered. Admiring and owning the skyline at the same time, all while being available to the taking, if just the right door was opened.

    • Cheeky Minx 2017.06.11 5:13pm

      Thank you for the gorgeous reading of the shot, A54. I’m chuffed this photograph has inspired such sexy and evocative thoughts…

  9. bhp 2017.05.25 12:02am

    Looking incredibly taut and terrific and ultra tempting here CM. A finer view just cannot exist.

    • Cheeky Minx 2017.06.11 5:17pm

      As a keen and experienced traveller, I have no doubt you have seen sights far greater than this, bhp.

      Having said that, if I can make your top 100 then I’d be a very fortunate and happy woman…

      • bhp 2017.06.13 3:40am

        I’ve searched far and wide CM, and can state categorically, that I’ve never been so fortuitous to gaze upon a view so splendid as this/you. (Nor have I ever in my life been jealous of a river.. insanely so at that!)

  10. Ember 2017.05.26 9:21am

    Ahh… the markings of The Minx. ♡

  11. obsessed 2017.05.27 7:29am

    jesus woman you ooze sensuality, sexuality and confidence. love it.xx

    • Cheeky Minx 2017.06.11 5:21pm

      Now you have me blushing and wickedly grinning. And for that I thank you a thousand times over, obsessed…

  12. jetosh 2017.05.31 8:11am

    Another great erotic photo & as usual the words were well said.

    • Cheeky Minx 2017.06.11 5:22pm

      Thank you so much on both counts, jetosh…

  13. the late phoenix 2017.06.01 12:57am

    y’know I’ve never been to New York City. never step foot in the ultimate ubiquitous urban underbelly, the ongoing oasis, the gritty playpark. let’s go, beautiful! let’s get ourselves some Nuts 4 Nuts and drink coffee from those special paper cups with Greek goddesses on the cover. hey I saw you on one of those cups 🙂

    • Cheeky Minx 2017.06.11 5:24pm

      We should definitely meet up in that apple one day and take a big, juicy bite… 😉