Imagine taking a chance – risking it all – on a woman like me.

A woman whose desire for you burns through the years, reduces thousands of miles to inches with the sultry utterance of your name.

A woman whose delicate frame arcs as your breath meets her skin, whose intimate flesh gleams with sensual hunger and carnal yearning as you bring her to life each day with your dawn kiss.

A woman who aches for the man in his entirety, who longs for his curiosity, the mystery, the knowing, the complexity, the mess, their fusion and untamed, erotic depths.

I wonder if your imaginings would dare conjure such a creature, if they would scream for fantasy to give birth to a new reality, if they would allow time and space and fate and fortune to bend, break, meet.

If they could inspire your hands to reach out, to gift her with the touch you can no longer bear to keep to yourself.

  1. John Brownstone 2017.01.12 10:13pm

    I can imagine SO many beautiful and delicious things.

    • Cheeky Minx 2017.01.22 4:55pm

      I can only hope your erotic imagination never runs dry when you drop by these parts, JB…

  2. Edward 2017.01.12 10:27pm

    Every time, the fantasies try to bend space and time towards a closer reality, to be closer to the sphere of your passions.

    • Cheeky Minx 2017.01.22 5:22pm

      I’m rather speechless that I can have this effect on you, Edward…

  3. J 2017.01.12 11:16pm


    • Cheeky Minx 2017.01.22 5:39pm

      That’s very high praise – thank you, J…

  4. Johnnie Malone 2017.01.12 11:28pm

    The risk would be in losing all touch with reality – so very much worth taking.

    • Cheeky Minx 2017.01.22 5:56pm

      I live in hope that a man will think that risk and plunge worth taking…

  5. Franco Bolli 2017.01.12 11:44pm

    I second John Brownstone’s thoughts 🙂

    • Cheeky Minx 2017.01.22 6:03pm

      That’s wonderful to hear (once again), Franco…

  6. Ben 2017.01.13 12:59am

    A risk for you? When can I start?

  7. Osbasso 2017.01.13 1:39am

    I imagine those things pretty much every day…

  8. Camille 2017.01.13 5:21am

    Oh, lovely one, you are in our imaginations quite often! ~C

    • Cheeky Minx 2017.01.22 6:45pm

      That’s an incredibly exciting thought and sexy compliment, C… 😉

  9. obsessed 2017.01.13 5:53am

    “If they could inspire your hands to reach out”……. oh my hands are reaching alright…….

    no words could do these shots justice…..


    • Cheeky Minx 2017.01.22 6:56pm

      Your words have done justice and much more, obsessed…

  10. jetosh 2017.01.13 7:38am

    All the imagining you mention & MORE!
    Morebeautiful photos.

  11. vivibene1 2017.01.13 7:51am

    Imagine what I’m imagining…

  12. jim sedrut 2017.01.13 8:58am

    ohhh my! Lovely………..

  13. Nick 2017.01.13 9:32am

    Beautiful sexy words and images x

  14. Advizor54 2017.01.13 12:46pm

    Each picture, every word, drips of a sadness that I wish the world would replace with joy.

    Your physical perfection is obvious. your soul, a mystery.

    • Cheeky Minx 2017.01.26 5:20pm

      While sadness is often at play in yearning and desire, it wasn’t at this point and in this post.

      To long, truly long, when you sense there is little chance or hope can be heartbreaking and sad, I agree. But that extremity of feeling, of wanting, of needing, also opens up the mind and soul in ways instant gratification does not, can not.

      Thank you for the generous compliments and a reading that’s allowed me clarify my intent in this post…

  15. Elliott Henry 2017.01.14 9:19am

    Enjoyed your words. I found ‘longing for his curiosity’ to be a cool thought.

    • Cheeky Minx 2017.01.26 5:21pm

      Thank you, Elliott. I often wonder if he considers it a compelling thought too…

  16. Waz 2017.01.14 1:42pm

    A life with such a beauty would truly be a life worth living…….

    • Cheeky Minx 2017.01.26 5:23pm

      That’s a beautiful thought. But she’s a complex and deeply flawed being…

      • Waz 2017.01.28 1:37pm

        Perhaps so but the thought of such an object of ‘art’ being only able to be looked at without the ability to hold in ones hand, to feel the ‘texture’ of the ‘surface’, to wonder at the changing of the ‘form’ as touch reacts with skin. Tis like seeing photo of a wondrous painting only to truly experience its beauty in person…….

  17. Ember 2017.01.20 4:40am

    It’s pure sensual torture to just “imagine” you, Minx. This piece made me doubt my sexuality for a moment there. xo

    • Cheeky Minx 2017.01.26 5:30pm

      You should never doubt your beautiful, unique, wanton and sensual sexuality, Ember. Never, ever. xo

  18. 1ManView 2017.01.21 5:44pm

    I have dared to the challenge of risking all with a woman who I thought was like you. Her skin was soft, her kisses were sweet, her curves weaved around ample-ness. But not like you, her inside was cold to my thoughts, her heart had no rhythm… But because I dared, it led me to the path of the one I needed and still need to this day…. (But to this day-it was one heck of a dare ) … 🙂

    and happiness

    • Cheeky Minx 2017.01.26 5:37pm

      I’m very glad to hear that your heartache led you to your fated one, 1ManView. I can only hope you have healed and now revelling in the love and passion you’ve found – and those memories fuel your creativity…

      • jim sedrut 2017.01.27 7:55am

        Beautiful words……………….

  19. Rafa García 2017.01.24 6:22pm

    Wonderful words. Made me sit on the edge of my chair.

    • Cheeky Minx 2017.01.26 5:38pm

      Oh, to be the recipient of that dare…

      (Thank you for the beautiful feedback, Rafa. I’m so touched…)

  20. Zoë 2017.02.03 10:50am

    Beautiful, sensuous lushness.

    • Cheeky Minx 2017.04.11 8:44pm

      What a truly wonderful compliment. Thank you, Zoë…

  21. misterc 2017.02.17 6:47pm

    l’immaginazione è un motore potente, che fa muovere gli uomini ed il mondo

    ” e naufragar m’é dolce in questo mare “

    • Cheeky Minx 2017.04.11 8:48pm

      Posso solo sperare uomini come te sarà sempre ascolteranno la mia richiamo della sirena, misterc…