Between Nothing and Everything

116_Between Nothing and EverythingIt was nothing more than a hiss, nothing more than the smallest of sounds, a rush of breath, the fire expelled with seductive force from between his clenched teeth and parted lips as I sighed and arched my back, rising up from the warmth of the boards barely an inch, splaying with false but steady serenity the long slender line of my legs, creamy thighs betraying only the slightest of tremors as they floated and drifted, my hips a swaying and open invitation, eager to hypnotise, mesmerise, to lure him into our frenzied and perfecting fusion.

It was nothing more than a hiss, nothing more than the smallest of sounds, and yet it was absolutely everything, the unabashed signifier of his passion, the man who had crawled his way under my skin, the need that trembled before me his once immovable frame, the craving for a taste of my sensual intimacy, the wantonness that tormented night and day his lusting body, that hardened his flesh and melted his gaze, that announced to the room and the world outside I am his, that compelled him to close the cruel space between us, that led his voracious hands to my ache, sliding up and around me, each touch another vulnerable link, his cock pressed hard, the grind of want on sodden mesh, the wetness, the flood only he can truly inspire and the lips, the lips, my lips, the lips of my honeyed cunt and glistening mouth, they betray me again, with his name and my whimper and my silent confessions, with the hiss, with my hiss, with the hiss, with our crushing kiss as he buries himself purely, sinfully, deep.

  1. Mike 2014.05.01 10:46pm

    Ah, the sensual intimacy. That is the everything, isn’t it

  2. osbasso 2014.05.01 10:54pm


  3. the late phoenix 2014.05.02 2:20am

    he’s a cold-hearted snake
    look into his eyes
    oh oh oh
    he’s been tellin’ lies.

    i love your angle in the pic there, angel :*

    • Cheeky Minx 2014.05.05 9:01pm

      This angel has been known to charm many a snake from this angle… :*

  4. Ripley 2014.05.02 10:14pm

    Beautiful, simply beautiful. The tension in your pose is palpable. You crave release. As do I when gazing at you.

    • miss 2014.05.04 8:44pm

      Minx your writing never ceases to arouse & impress me.
      Your images are a beautiful combination of erotic sensuality & stunning sophistication.

      Ripley, I too crave release ;)…what a pleasure to have discovered such a delightfully erotic blog for us to both share & enjoy.

      • Cheeky Minx 2014.05.05 9:12pm

        Miss and Ripley together? That’s enough to turn up the heat for this Minx. I may need to find a way to thank him for bringing you here, sweet Miss. (Actually, your mutual release – and the erotic image that conjures – is more than delectable and plenty.)

        Speaking of sweetness, I’m so grateful for your beautiful words. Knowing I can bring you both joy leaves my entire body humming and smiling…

    • Cheeky Minx 2014.05.05 9:02pm

      Thank you for the gorgeous words, Ripley.

      Now, about that release…

  5. JK 2014.05.03 6:14am

    I’m speechless. Those words, they remind me of the poetry within Carmina Burana, so hungry, so desperate, so wanton. You’ve left me very hungry, Minx. Yes, very hungry.

    • Cheeky Minx 2014.05.05 9:19pm

      You certain know how to buckle a girl’s knees, JK. And leave her longing to sate your hunger…

  6. Verbose Lothario 2014.05.13 11:56am

    Oh… you can hear that hiss all the way over there? Because I make that sound pretty much any time I open your site…