Somehow, Someway

92_Somehow, SomewaySomehow, someway.

Through oceans and lands and the sky up above, through the silence and the stillness, through the clamour and the bustle and the crowd pressed in tight, they found me.

Somehow, someway.

Through the days and the months and the years, through lost and lonely nights, through the dreaming on empty mornings, through my wanton lusts and sensual yearnings, through this desire’s threat to tear my supple flesh to easy shreds, they knew me.

Somehow, someway.

Through the verse, through the prose, in every line and word and syllable, in each breath and sigh, whisper and growl, you touched and caressed my mind, glimpsed then memorised this body, inflaming the longings I could scarcely admit, etching into my skin the passions that coursed through your veins, igniting the feminine curves that even now hunger for your strength and possession, to have you plunge into these clutching velvet depths, to have you wild at heart and free and abandoned, to have you mark yourself in the glistening fire dripping onto the softness between my legs, scorching a path of need into the purity stretched taut on the bed.

Somehow, someway.

Through the beginning and the ending, through the space of the in-between, the words came for me, you came to me, bringing this woman time and again to her knees, your kiss the sweetest recognition, your hands proof of pleasure without inhibition, your hardness given, your thickness taken, the pearl nestled in your cockhead devoured, your mouth and its smile, the arms wound about me, bodies and souls for a brief beautiful moment bound together as one.

  1. osbasso 2013.10.17 11:21pm

    Somehow, someway. My thoughts exactly.

    • Cheeky Minx 2013.10.22 7:57pm

      You certainly know how to make me sigh, Os…

    • Logan 2013.10.23 11:55am

      Very thoughtful. Well done.

  2. Ella 2013.10.17 11:53pm

    You have such skill with the lens. I love the muffled light reflecting off your skin.

    • Cheeky Minx 2013.10.22 8:00pm

      Thank you for the beautiful feedback, lovely.

      I can’t take credit for the light though – these soft spring mornings are very good to me…

  3. the late phoenix 2013.10.18 1:26am

    beautiful curtains…

    • Cheeky Minx 2013.10.22 8:01pm

      I’m rather fond of the one I’m wearing…

  4. new admirer 2013.10.18 3:30am

    “you touched and caressed my mind” “I could scarcely admit” “to have you wild at heart and free and abandoned” “stretched taut on the bed”

    that you are indeed

    “scorching a path of need”

    “dreaming on”

    • Cheeky Minx 2013.10.22 8:02pm

      I’m crossing my fingers you never stop dreaming, new admirer…

  5. James 2013.10.18 1:12pm

    somehow, someway, you look better every time!

    • Cheeky Minx 2013.10.22 8:03pm

      You do realise that kind of sweet talk will get you everywhere, right?

  6. SouthernSir 2013.10.19 9:33am

    Somehow, someway you will see me coming up the walk to claim you once and for all.

    • Cheeky Minx 2013.10.22 8:05pm

      I plan on keeping you to that promise, SSir…

  7. jk 2013.10.19 11:14pm

    You are soooo zoom-worthy, Minx. 🙂 Can’t help it. Love this piece too. It’s different, different for you at least, in such a good way.

    • Cheeky Minx 2013.10.22 8:08pm

      I’m so glad you liked this piece, jk. And please, zoom away. You know how I adore having your gaze upon me… 😉

  8. Verbose Lothario 2013.10.19 11:15pm

    It has definitely been a pleasure to be a part, albeit a small one, of this blog for so long. Not just to lust after your pictures, and to revel in your words, but to revel in you.

    • Cheeky Minx 2013.10.22 8:13pm

      The pleasure and honour have been all mine, VL. To have you share this with me, to have you revel in this expression, leaves me feeling so amazingly special…

  9. bhp 2013.10.21 10:32pm

    Whenever the world needs re-balancing and the empty mornings require filling.. I’m inexplicably brought back to this space. Recognition enough that these precious moments you provide Cheeky Minx, are the true pearls.
    And long may they continue dropping.

    • Cheeky Minx 2013.10.22 8:18pm

      If you ever find those mornings empty (although how that could be, I can’t even begin to imagine…), I’m always here for you, bhp. In fact, there’s enough cake for the velvet darkness too.

      Thank you for the words so glorious…