The Kiss

88_The Kiss

It is the kiss that transforms me.

It is the caress of his lips as we begin to wake, the seductive scrape of his beard along the curve of my back, the glide of his mouth chasing the streaks of the sun and the marks of our passion sinfully spent in the dark, the touch trembling, stilled by the heart, by the breath, by the woman softly, quietly, rising and falling, the flesh hard and oiled and throbbing plunging into the aching depths of the forbidden, sinking into the velvet embrace of the craved, of the unknown.

  1. SouthernSir 2013.09.19 9:29am

    The kiss that has such power to do just that. A kiss that opens the gate whence the flood of passion pours through unstoppable with a force like that of nature.
    The kiss borne of passion, need, and lust.
    Let my lips graze you sweet minx…

    • Cheeky Minx 2013.09.22 8:58pm

      I await your sweet caress with bated breath, SSir…

  2. the late phoenix 2013.09.19 12:51pm


    I have a beard…

  3. Ella 2013.09.19 10:43pm

    I love stripes made from light and how it bends and contours to the body. Very nice, as always.

  4. osbasso 2013.09.19 11:52pm

    I agree with Ella about the lines on contours. Like a topographic map, showing the rise of the elevation, ending perfectly at the peak. Time to start pulling out the ropes! 🙂

    • Cheeky Minx 2013.09.22 9:04pm

      I like the idea of being your map – guiding you through the peaks and valleys, showing you the (cheeky) way… 😉

  5. new admirer 2013.09.20 3:25am

    deep sigh……

  6. Verbose Lothario 2013.09.21 11:15am

    I may never experience that kiss with you, but I love being privy to the transformation.

    Notice I say that I “MAY” never experience that kiss. I am, at heart, an optimist. 😉

  7. Orpheus 2013.09.23 7:35pm

    I do believe that this is the most beguiling of the posts I’ve read since discovering your wonderful site.

    I find “the velvet embrace of the craved” an intriguing phrase.

    (As, I confess, I find you, yourself, a rather intriguing personality…)

    • Cheeky Minx 2013.09.23 11:05pm

      Oh, how your own words charm and captivate me, Orpheus.

      As for finding me intriguing… Believe me when I confess I’m now swooning…

  8. Orpheus 2013.09.23 11:33pm

    Though it’s difficult to resist, I won’t respond to your swoon with a similar swoon, because double swooning could get…messy. Deliciously and far too temptingly so, in fact.

    • Cheeky Minx 2013.09.25 8:39pm

      Are you sure I can’t tempt you? A deliciously messy double swoon would round off my sultry spring night perfectly…

  9. Orpheus 2013.09.25 10:40pm

    Oh, I’m absolutely *sure* you can tempt me into exceptionally messy double swooning, Minx. Though I’ll pretend to resist first, of course…

    • Cheeky Minx 2013.09.27 12:28pm

      I wouldn’t have you any other way, Orpheus.

      Let the teasing, swooning games begin…

  10. bhp 2013.10.03 5:06pm

    I’m an accomplished map reader.. But these contours are unlike any I have ever come across. However, I’m a man who enjoys a challenge.

    I’m trembling with choice.. Just where to start?

    • Cheeky Minx 2013.10.07 5:30pm

      Allow your hands, your desire to guide you over the curves and swells of this welcoming terrain, bhp…