In Softness

86_In SoftnessThe day breaks in softness, its hushed tones and muted voices merging with the memory of the night and its darkly wanton edges, enveloping the curves feminine, whispering to my sensual passions, to the woman reaching out, arching up, longing to receive your touch.

And once you meet me, once your hands finally unearth me, once they ease this suppleness open, once your caress begins to know, my body trembles, shivers, moves from order into chaos, overtaken by its yearning to shatter all boundaries between us, to feel you melt into this velvet ache, into the skin always desperate, impatient for the sweet burn of your kiss.

  1. osbasso 2013.09.03 12:46am

    Looks like there was some chaos before the picture here. I’ve always liked a messy bed!

  2. jk 2013.09.03 12:47am

    What a dream, to stand over you in the morning and see you this way, unwilling to lay back down and perhaps disturb such beautiful sleep, sleep induced by the most fulfilling satisfactions. I adore this pic, Minx, for all it says to me.

    • Cheeky Minx 2013.09.04 8:57pm

      It would indeed be a dream to have you stand over me and gaze upon me in this way, JK. And don’t get me started on those fulfilling pleasures.

      Now all I need you to do is reassure me these are the dreams that come true…

  3. SouthernSir 2013.09.03 9:11am

    Minx, such words and such a vision to wake up to in the early light. No coffee would be needed to awaken next to such supple tender flesh, awash with the glow of a new day in which all things are possible.

    • Cheeky Minx 2013.09.04 9:00pm

      I adore the sound of the possibilities already, SSir. And rest easy, I’ll supply the coffee and breakfast once we’re spent and sated…

  4. Verbose Lothario 2013.09.03 11:43am

    Oh Minx, that photo is beautiful! How I would love to lie down behind you, letting the warmth of your skin seep into mine.

    Unfortunately I don’t know you well enough for such intimacy. Though one could say the same for what would inevitably follow, because being that close to you, skin to skin, as amazing as it would be, would draw me inexorably closer.

    You’re absolutely right. I’d need to ease that suppleness open so we could turn order into chaos.

    I promise, though, that we’d eventually get back to calm order. For a while.

    • Cheeky Minx 2013.09.04 9:06pm

      Momentary calm? I do believe it will indeed be a mere instant if my desire is anything to go by, VL. Prepare and fortify yourself!

      As for intimacy, it’s clear to me the nascent steps can be found here in the virtual sphere, in your gaze and response, in these truly lovely words…

      • Verbose Lothario 2013.09.21 11:18am

        If my gaze here on the blog counts as a form of intimacy, then consider us intimate. 🙂

        I’ve been gazing at you for a long time, and considered myself lucky to do so.

  5. new admirer 2013.09.04 4:16am

    now that’s what I call a cheeky minx (it was that or it would have been simply “oh wow”) and “melt” is the perfect word.

    • Cheeky Minx 2013.09.04 9:08pm

      The cheeks, my cheek and this minx are all smiling very slyly, new admirer. Thank you, thank you…

  6. the late phoenix 2013.09.05 3:08am

    In Your Softness lies My Hardness…

  7. bhp 2013.09.05 7:30am

    They say in yearning the hours seem long.. And that chaos is the law of nature.
    But what defies my comprehension, dear Minx, is the unearthly perfection of your derriere. A masterpiece of extreme wonderment.

    • Cheeky Minx 2013.09.06 5:49pm

      If the derriere defies comprehension from afar, it’s more than a little pliable and compliant up close, bhp.

      Thank you for the glorious response – I’m smiling oh so very wickedly right now…