You and me
Shutters closed
At last alone
Craving nothing more
Than each other

  1. osbasso 2013.08.14 11:30pm

    Hmm…I have that very dream often.

    • Cheeky Minx 2013.08.16 5:29pm

      Even though very few would agree with you, I’m certainly glad to hear it…

  2. the late phoenix 2013.08.15 10:03am

    ****ing hot!

    …and i see you have the Tom Cruise couch all ready…


    • Cheeky Minx 2013.08.16 5:31pm

      I thought we agreed on burning that crazy Cruise couch! Here’s a thought, burn the couch and these lips will reward you favourably…

  3. Verbose Lothario 2013.08.15 10:52pm

    At last. 🙂

  4. bhp 2013.08.17 12:09am

    Sounds to me like the perfect way to abolish these post holiday blues I’m experiencing.

    That’s quite an image CM. Third degree cravings over here.

    • Cheeky Minx 2013.08.17 11:49am

      Since I’m experiencing my own post-holiday funk, I’ll gladly indulge any cravings that might set us both right, bhp…

  5. southernsir 2013.08.17 12:28pm

    Bathed in such light you glow with an exquisite brightness and beauty…oh to bath in that light with you.

    • Cheeky Minx 2013.08.18 9:27am

      Come on in, SSir. The light pool is deliciously warm…

  6. new admirer 2013.08.19 12:25am

    I’m new to your blog and have found both the words and the pictures captivating.
    “Prepare to be tempted and tantalised… ” I wasn’t prepared and now I’m hooked.

    • Cheeky Minx 2013.08.20 12:24pm

      I can only hope you don’t wean yourself off your new Cake addiction any time soon, new admirer. Please feel free to dip into my archives whenever the craving arises.

      Thank you for the gorgeous feedback – and welcome…

      • new admirer 2013.08.21 3:56am

        Thanks for the welcome Cheeky Minx.
        “Please feel free to dip into my archives” oh trust me I have been. not to mention viewing the 19 page blurb preview of the book.
        Chocolate you can get sick of eating, this blog so much more moreish and always leaves the appetite whetted and not quite sated, always needing more. now where was I…. ah yes… July 2012…again. bye for now.

  7. Max 2013.08.21 4:15am

    Sigh…. Yes. 🙂


    • Cheeky Minx 2013.08.24 6:28pm

      Now all you need to do is bring that sigh a little closer, Max…

  8. JK 2013.08.22 7:42am

    Love that play of light on your inner thighs. Not that I needed any help drawing my attention there.

    • Cheeky Minx 2013.08.24 6:31pm

      I was hoping you wouldn’t require it, JK. You should definitely reach out and feel its heat once you’re done gazing…

  9. max 2013.08.26 11:44pm

    nothing more needed. nothing at all.