The Silence


In the silence
These lips form

In the silence
This touch is

In the silence
The body glows

  1. Jack and Jill 2013.03.13 8:18am

    Such vivid imagery, and a beautiful, moody photo as well!

  2. Octavia 2013.03.13 1:23pm

    Love the rose hues, the soft-looking teXtures of your skin…mesmerizing.


  3. OsShirt 2013.03.13 1:54pm

    How do you not fall out of bed in that position??? 😛

  4. the late phoenix 2013.03.13 5:45pm

    oh babe, the soft turn of your head, your finger on your heart, allow me to join my “finger” with yours.

    not to freak you out or anything, but your bedroom looks exactly like mine, with the position of the blinds and everything…:*

  5. 1manview 2013.03.14 2:23am

    Love the verses, and the way you presented the pic. Giving you that look of levitation…

    peace and love

  6. stareintotheabyss 2013.03.14 3:28am

    Jeez, I realize how coarse I am whenever I read your other commenters. 🙂 They're right, the rose hues are perfect, and the position of your fingers, beautiful. I'm sorry though, I can't help it. My mind raced straight toward how easy it would be, with you in that position, to jerk your panties violently off. Maybe I need therapy or something.

  7. All About Love And Sex 2013.03.14 6:48am

    In the silence, as I keep watching at the image here, I can't help getting hard down there! LOL!

    Reading at your poems very often, makes me getting a bit poetic.

    Can you say this is a good influence?

  8. Sexy Smile 2013.03.15 2:45am

    Stunning picture!

  9. Cheeky Minx 2013.03.17 3:33am

    Jack: I thank you on both counts, Jack!

    Octavia: And your words are touching, enchanting…

    Os: Trust me, you don't want to know… ;P

    the late phoenix: I knew we were kindred spirits but the fact our bedrooms are also might be something of a sign… 😉

    1ManView: I'm so glad you enjoyed it, 1Man…

    stareintotheabyss: We may both need a spell on the analyst's couch because this is just the therapeutic gesture I crave right now. And I have just the panties begging for the shred, JK…

    All About Sex and Love: Of course! The knowledge I can touch you in this way warms me all over…

    Sexy Smile: I'm tickled you think so, my lovely…

    ~Minx x

  10. Southern Sir 2013.03.17 2:41pm

    Oh how did I almost miss this, such a beautiful pose. The way you are lying there head to the side, your finger lightly touching your chest, stirs such passion in my heart and desire in my loins.
    Let the silence be filled with the sounds of our shared ecstasy.

  11. Cheeky Minx 2013.03.18 4:10am

    As long as you find your way back here eventually, it really doesn't matter, SSir.

    As for that silence, I can't think of a better way to shatter it…

  12. Verbose Lothario 2013.03.18 10:29am

    Were I to enter the room and be confronted with that sight I'd be rendered silent too. It's the type of thing you want to enjoy for a while, and drink in, before walking over to join you and start filling the formerly silent room with sounds of passion and pleasure.

  13. Ella 2013.03.18 2:53pm

    I can only imagine the number of suitors lined up to count you as you slide off the edge of your bed.

  14. barenakedlady 2013.03.18 10:18pm

    Beautiful, as always. And I like the way it's shot as well. Gives a fresh perspective.

    xx Jillian

  15. Southern Sir 2013.03.19 9:29am

    Leave a candle burning Minx and I will always find my way back.

  16. Cheeky Minx 2013.03.22 7:42am

    Verbose Lothario: I'm on the bed, awaiting your next move, VL…

    Ella: What a delicious scene you paint, sweet thing…

    barenakedlady: Thank you so much, lovely…

    Southern Sir: Done…

    ~Minx x

  17. both.hands.please 2013.03.23 7:30am

    I second Ella's comment.. although my imagination only stretches as far as one!

    A spectacularly vivid, rose hued imagining you've provided Cheeky Minx.

  18. Cheeky Minx 2013.03.26 7:07am

    Since I can be rather greedy and a little territorial, an intimate party of two suits me perfectly, bhp.

    Thank you again for the gorgeous words…

    ~Minx x