Hold Me Close

44_Hold Me Close

Hold me close
Then take me
Make me forever yours

  1. Southern Sir 2012.09.27 10:05am

    As my arms enfold you, holding you tight. Leaning in to you, the soft wisps of your hair tickling my face.
    I whisper softly, “I am yours, now and forever.”

  2. both.hands.please 2012.09.27 12:43pm

    Without doubt, red is your colour CM.. and this image.. an intensely erotic mirage for the delirious and needy.

    Astounding, really.

  3. OsShirt 2012.09.27 1:39pm

    I'm particularly drawn to your facial expression in this one. Subtle, but telling. <3

  4. Nolens Volens 2012.09.27 6:49pm

    My heart actually skipped a beat. Nothing gets to me faster than an intelligently written post, accompanied by a very erotic picture.

  5. Max 2012.09.28 12:43pm

    Oh my…. Gorgeous pic. 🙂

  6. Jack and Jill 2012.09.29 2:31am

    Your expression appears sweetly pensive here. And your gorgeous body in that lovely dress is quite eye-catching.


  7. the late phoenix 2012.09.29 2:40am

    *holding your two…i mean, holding you close*

  8. Ken Jashot 2012.09.29 1:32pm

    My dear Minx, it's your face that keeps my attention in this one. Yes, your body is gorgeous, sexy, blah, blah, hot, blah, but that chin, that mouth, the hint of the nose and eyes. Please give me more of that.

  9. Cheeky Minx 2012.09.30 8:43am

    Southern Sir: That sounds wonderful, SSir…

    both.hands.please: Here's hoping I can be that oasis when your delirious need sets in once again, bhp…

    Os: It's so good to know I can draw you in with the subtle side of this minx…

    Nolens Volens: That's enough to make me swoon, NV…

    Max: I'm tickled you think so… 🙂

    Jack: “Sweetly pensive” is the perfect way to describe the mood I was in. Thank you, Jack…

    the late phoenix: Hold one and the other two will follow…

    Ken Jashot: How could I possibly refuse you, KJ?

    Gorgeous guys, my warmest thanks to you all once again…

    ~Minx x

  10. Verbose Lothario 2012.10.10 12:54pm

    I'd love to hold you close. But I will only take what's freely given.

  11. Cheeky Minx 2012.10.12 5:53am

    That goes without saying, VL… x