Into the Ache

Into the Ache

Lay your body down, lay it close to me, slide yourself into the hollow, into the shadow,
into my ache, into the velvet crying, yearning for your hot and hard perfection.

  1. OsShirt 2012.07.11 1:25pm

    LOVE the shadow play here! Is it possible for you to take a poor picture??

  2. the late phoenix 2012.07.11 3:17pm

    i find myself inside the ache, traveling along your sultry upside-down L shape, along the veil shirt, L shape, L for love (actually, lust)

  3. Verbose Lothario 2012.07.12 7:00am

    Well, okay, if it will help stop the ache.

    Or… even if it won't. I'll still be more than happy to slide myself into the hollow.

  4. Jack and Jill 2012.07.12 7:49am

    This is the greatest invitation I've received in quite awhile.


  5. Southern Sir 2012.07.13 12:14am

    Who am I to say no to such an invitation, lets relieve that ache and turn it into an ache of passion spent.

  6. 1manview 2012.07.13 3:55am

    As sexy as this picture is, your captivating, sensuous words, overshadowed it… Exquisite post CM…

  7. both.hands.please 2012.07.13 11:52am

    I could not possibly conjure up an image of a shadow I would rather slide myself into. So I won't even try.
    Your ache is mirrored in mine, CM.

  8. Erotiblog 2012.07.14 6:59pm

    Great Little poem, perfectly written. Love it!

  9. Cheeky Minx 2012.07.15 6:20am

    Os: It's not only possible, but a recorded fact! If you could only see the outtakes…

    the late phoenix: Lust works for me, Travellin' Man…

    Verbose Lothario: I'm sure it will. But there's only one way of being absolutely certain…

    Jack: Then I'm hoping you'll accept that invitation very soon…

    Southern Sir: Oh yes… “Let's get lost, lost in each other's arms”…

    1manview: You have no idea just how happy that leaves me. Thank you, 1man…

    both.hands.please: Fingers crossed I'm lucky enough to see that (aching) reflection one day…

    Erotiblog: Thank you very much, Atlantis. And welcome…

    Thank you again, my gorgeous guys, for making me smile, for soothing the ache…

    ~Minx x

  10. Rex Venom 2012.07.15 2:32pm

    Words and beauty filling one with heat.
    Rock on!

  11. Cheeky Minx 2012.07.16 11:13am

    I'm more than a little delighted to provide you with that warmth, Rex. It's so good to see you round these parts again…

  12. Advizor54 2012.07.16 8:57pm

    Another wonderful pictures with always haunting words.

  13. Cheeky Minx 2012.07.18 7:58am

    I'm touched you think so, A…