At the Day’s End


At the day’s dark end, at its quietly lit beginning,
all I crave, all I truly desire is passion, love, the one to embrace,
the man to behold, his body to caress, skin to kiss, lips to trace, this soul to know.

  1. Vincent Vega 2012.01.31 9:01pm

    Sexy and classy all at once.

  2. Advizor54 2012.01.31 9:01pm

    The curve of your body and the strength of your words makes you a powerful force in the world. Thank you for being a part of mine.

    And woman, I love your hair.

  3. Mia Wallace 2012.01.31 9:13pm

    I am amazed at how your photos and words are always unbelievably beautiful. This photo may very well be one of my favorites – everything about it is simply stunning.

  4. OsShirt 2012.01.31 9:48pm

    Once again, I'm reduced to simply an audible sigh…

  5. Southern Sir 2012.01.31 11:00pm

    Such incredible beauty, heart and soul.

  6. Jack and Jill 2012.01.31 11:00pm

    There's nothing we can say that hasn't been said better by those who commented before us. As always, your words perfectly complement the lovely accompanying vision.

  7. Goddess Sybele 2012.02.01 4:07am

    Lovely play of dark and light.

  8. 24 2012.02.01 4:08am

    Your passion, desire and beauty would make any mans end of the day be perfect. Xxxx

  9. JM 2012.02.01 10:37am

    Darkness though there may be, you are a vision of light! Knowing you as I do, I want for you, what you crave also, as yours is a soul as beautiful as any I have ever met.

    J xx

  10. Sophia 2012.02.01 4:39pm

    Beautiful composition and ofcourse you are also beautiful… Gorgeous!

    As for your words, I hope you find it soon and it never leaves your side… I know the hunger you have. I had it too until I met KJ. 🙂 .

  11. the late phoenix 2012.02.02 5:14pm

    babe, you're killing me…kill me some more…

  12. 1manview 2012.02.02 9:01pm

    Stunning post…

  13. Cougar in Training 2012.02.04 7:02pm

    How do your pictures get better and better each week? This is simply beautiful! Definitely in my top favourites of yours!

  14. Meagan 2012.02.05 4:29am

    So little words with such powerful movement…yes!

  15. Cheeky Minx 2012.02.05 6:47am

    Vincent Vega: I'm so tickled you think it so, V…

    Advizor: I do believe the thanks are all mine, for your words are a true soothing comfort…

    Mia Wallace: Thank you, lovely, for taking my breath away once again…

    Os: I take this as the highest praise…

    Southern Sir: I feel honoured you regard me in this way, SS…

    Jack and Jill: My sincerest gratitude to you both for your unerring support and uplifting words…

    Goddess Sybele: I'm so glad you enjoyed that interplay, GS…

    24: Oh, if only that were true. Thank you once again for your wonderful comment, 24…

    JM: All I have for you right now is the sweet smile curving these here lips, J…

    Sophia: Thank you so much, lovely. You and KJ do indeed give me hope…

    the late phoenix: Only if I can kill you softly with my song…

    1manview: I'm thrilled you think so highly of it, 1man…

    Cougar in Training: You're too good to me, my lovely…

    Meagan: Thank you very much for your wonderful feedback. And welcome…

    Sweet, sexy, pretty things, thank you once again… xxx