His footsteps are heavy, weary, thudding a path into the carpeted office floor.

Yet once he reaches the door, stretching his six-foot frame on the steel and glass barrier, his body – youthful, proportioned and disciplined – suddenly betrays a lightness, a weightlessness, an effortless masculine eroticism that instantly morphs my glance into a lingering gaze.

As his image is reflected and then just as quickly refracted in the conference room prism, I muse on that body broad, on that body divided, on the curve of his torso once abandoned and unadorned, the tension in his arms as he strains against the binds drawn tight, the heat of his bronzed skin after my flesh has finally met his, the wiry curls on his chest framed in the formality of starched white cotton, the eyes clear and wanting and blazing, the mouth poised for my cunt, my libations, my deep unrelenting kiss, the scent, the tang of his throbbing and thickening sex.

  1. Southern Sir 2012.01.24 9:27pm

    To sleep: perchance to dream.

    Ahh where the mind takes us in those fleeting thoughts, captured by a moment drawn down into the sensuous desires. Lost in the moment.


  2. Vincent Vega 2012.01.25 3:26am

    You have a way of just wording things so I can picture them so easily. Well done. Your way with words is amazing.

  3. Sophia 2012.01.25 5:19am

    mmmm where do you work again? I want to see this man. 🙂


  4. 1manview 2012.01.25 3:58pm

    Hmm, very appealing … The song titled, let's get it on” comes to mind… 🙂

  5. 24 2012.01.26 3:41am

    Delicious, you know how warm up my body.;)

  6. Cheeky Minx 2012.01.26 7:42am

    Southern Sir: I know I'm fortunate to have inspirations for my reverie so close at hand. Thank you, sir…

    Vincent Vega: Your praise has once again left me humbled and grateful, VV…

    Sophia: Believe me when I tell you that you mostly certainly would want to see him… 😉

    1manview: Ooh, yes… Actually, that conference room table is just the perfect size…

    24: I'm very glad to hear I could turn up the heat for you… 😉