I Need You

I need you, baby, I need you. Right now.

I need you to take me, to make me yours. Right now. I need you inside me, I need your naked cock buried deep inside this sweet little cunt. Right now. I need to glide you between my lips, I need to taste the pearls glistening on your head. I need to savour you, devour you, give everything I am to you. Right now. I need to hear you come, your mouth pressed against my ear, your seed splashing hot and hard. Right now. I need to wrap myself around you, my skin and yours as one. I need your gaze, your touch, your kiss, I need the soft, warm wetness that leaves us shivering, reaching for more of this perfecting bliss.

I need you, baby, I need you. Right now, I need all of this.

  1. OsShirt 2011.08.16 2:58pm

    Right now?

  2. Topaz 2011.08.16 3:06pm

    Moments of urgency are killer. He better need you right back, after reading this 🙂

  3. Advizor54 2011.08.16 7:39pm

    So, you were reading my thoughts this morning were you?

    The overwhelming needs, the deep desires, the must be filled.

  4. Frenchy's Secret Garden 2011.08.16 8:45pm

    Oh yes, right now, and he better hurry! 😉

  5. Soul Knight 2011.08.17 1:01pm

    can we do it again before I head off to work?

  6. Mediocrity 2011.08.17 3:13pm


  7. Max 2011.08.17 6:45pm

    Oh yes…. Nothing like the can't-wait-one-more-second, need-you-right-*now* urgency!

    Your words paint such a delicious picture of desire.

  8. 1manview 2011.08.17 7:37pm

    Can feel your want, your need to have him, right now..
    WOnderful piece…

  9. France 2011.08.19 12:56pm

    Sigh. Yes!

  10. Cheeky Minx 2011.08.21 4:25am

    Os: Yes…

    Topaz: I have a feeling his need is just as overwhelmingly urgent… 🙂

    Advizor: Clearly, my talents are wasted. I'm about to send my CV to the Psychic Friends Network…

    Frenchy: Yes, he'd better. Every single day… 😉

    Soul Knight: That's a trick question, right?

    Mediocrity: Thank you, lovely…

    Max: I couldn't agree more. And since he inspires this intensity round the clock, I'm hoping there will be more filthy little words very soon…

    1manview: I'm so glad you can feel it because this desire is unlike any other. Thank you…

    France: I hear you…