Four Seconds

In those rapid beats of the clock…

Did you see?
Did you sense?
Did your flesh and blood perceive?
Did your stirring, insatiable cock by some means know just how this body yearns for your lingering touch, your urgent caress, just how this woman longs to drown in the depths of your sensual kiss?

In those swift strokes of the hand…

Did you feel?
Did you believe?
Did your skin prickle in its understanding?
Did your breath rasp and accelerate, your muscular chest heave once you realised it was you
I reach out for in the night, once you grasped my maddening need to melt and merge with your hard addictive heat?

In those sharp bangs of the drum…

Did you hear?
Did you discern?
Did your sexual soul take hold?
Did your ears swim in the moans of pleasure escaping these soft full lips, your body shudder, your uncut meat drip as I fingered and fucked this cunt to the light in the name of your passion, our flame?

In those fleeting pulses of time…

Did you taste?
Did you discover?
Did your mouth ask, speak its truth?
Did your lips and tongue offer their words, their hunger, their enveloping benediction as they craved me near, as they devoured me from afar, as they compelled you to recognise the sweet and cruel mistress of this irresistible, overwhelming desire?

  1. Osbasso 2011.06.06 2:29pm


  2. Green Eyed Frenchy 2011.06.06 2:43pm


  3. France 2011.06.07 2:27am

    Skin prickling in understanding… I love that line.

    That is an awesome post full of longing. Beautiful!

  4. Gigi 2011.06.07 3:49am

    melt and murge…. love that moment

  5. stareintotheabyss 2011.06.07 6:23am

    Sometimes you write stuff I kick myself for not thinking of first.

  6. Max 2011.06.07 4:37pm

    So many beautiful thoughts and words here…. “Drown in the depths of a sensual kiss.” Wow….

    Gorgeous post!

  7. Cheeky Minx 2011.06.08 6:51am

    Os: Excellent.

    Frenchy: So, this is one of the “Things That Make You Go, Hmmmm”?!

    France: You always say the most perfect – and generous – things…

    Gigi: Oh, I hear you…

    stareintotheabyss: I'm keeping my fingers crossed this is one of those times…

    Max: I'm so happy and touched you think so…

  8. both.hands.please 2011.06.10 11:02pm

    Time stands still when reading your verse. 4 seconds could well be forever.

  9. Cheeky Minx 2011.06.14 2:46am

    And yet, it is your generous praise that bends my own temporal continuum, both.hands.please…