There’s No Denying

There’s no denying his aroused flesh.

There’s no denying the shaft, thick and hard and leaking, straining against the pinstripe suiting, the strong fist taking hold, stroking the pulsing meat, the nose flooded with the scent of sex and desire as it rises up through the layers, as it drifts up from between her splayed and lean legs, from the full lips spread wantonly wide open, from the pungent, flowing glisten painting the cunt fair and smooth and eager.

There’s no denying his possession, his domination, the commands rumbled into her ear, his longing to feel and trace her burning need, to delicately touch the tip of his tongue to her clitoris, licking with a maddening slowness and softness, demanding of her body the release of more of its liquid lust, lapping and drinking at her font of pure pleasure, his fingers tracing distracted circles on her creamy thighs, his mouth taking her closer, closer, ever closer, to the edge, to the brink before cruelly pulling back.

There’s no denying his loss of control, the moment he becomes her own toy for the taking, his cock throbbing and lurching, threatening to spill prematurely, his large frame suddenly upon her, his glans sliding and gliding, poised at her portal with the low, sultry confession, the unblinking yet whispered admission, it is this very scene she has played in her mind for as long as she can remember, masturbating to the thought since she was a nothing but a girl, her inflamed sex finding regular release through fingers and mouths and cocks, through men strange and familiar, through the sunlit morning and the dark, starry night.

There’s no denying the groans and the moans as he plunges in completely, her velvet heat stretching, filling, clinging to dear thudding life, the bodies grinding, writhing, the lips begging and pleading, the screams of base, carnal abandon, the slap of his hips, the sound of his slick glans slamming, pounding, fucking her back into the sweetest dripping submission.

No, no. There’s no denying. There’s no denying his aroused flesh.

  1. FOGOSO 2011.01.09 11:39am

    Efectívamentem, no puede negarse la excitación del ser.

  2. Green Eyed Frenchy 2011.01.09 5:35pm

    Oh, very powerful! I'll probably come back for a second read 🙂

  3. Osbasso 2011.01.09 6:18pm

    I wouldn't deny it.

  4. Sir Thomas 2011.01.10 1:54pm

    you do this in me…

  5. Cheeky Minx 2011.01.11 5:20am

    FOGOSO: Gracias por el cumplido. (For the record, I don't speak Spanish! I took the cheat's way out and Goggled…)

    Frenchy: I'm so flattered you think this deserves more than one visit, lovely…

    Os: Good man.

    Sir T: Do I? That is very good to know…

  6. Happy Swinger Chick 2011.01.11 7:48am

    I love the “threatening to spill prematurely”… How hot is it when a man just cannot contain himself? yummy.


  7. Cheeky Minx 2011.01.12 6:33am

    I couldn't agree more, Happy…

  8. unbridledesires 2011.01.12 8:00pm

    “his mouth taking her closer, closer, ever closer, to the edge, to the brink before cruelly pulling back.”

    Such fun, teasing. Making someone squirm, holding them over the edge by just a thread. It allows them to remember why they freely give in to his commands.

  9. slowburn 2011.01.13 1:55am

    Wonderful – I can't deny it (has someone else said that?)

  10. 1manview 2011.01.13 5:38pm

    No denying it, very arousing visual.. Felt like I was there, nicely written…

  11. Cheeky Minx 2011.01.16 9:28am

    unbridledesires: Oh yes… That delicious thread that holds us over the edge, that reels us back into the commanding web…

    slowburn: Thank you. And while someone has indeed said it, I don't think I could ever tire of hearing it…

    1manview: I'm more than a little glad I could make this such an arousing and sensory experience for you. Thank you, 1manview…

  12. Adulterous Letch 2011.01.29 4:44pm

    Wow, Minx. You capture the moment so perfectly. There's no denying the effect this post has on me, either….

  13. Cheeky Minx 2011.01.30 8:01am

    This is such sweet music to my ears, Letch…