Right Now…

… My sex is so soft, so plump, so intensely slick my panties are fused to my bright flesh. This is the result of thinking about you, thinking about your face, your body, imagining our mouths locked in the perfect kiss, slow and sensual, then urgent and bruising, our mingled breath already hot and ragged and shallow. Breaking away, my lips and tongue give and take and explore, brushing, dipping, licking the sweet, clean skin of your neck, travelling along its curve, moving down, down, down to your chest, to your hips, branding you as mine in their wake, my tousled curls leaving a teasing trail as I savour and consume you, my long, delicate fingers finding your throbbing hardness, grazing, tracing every ridge of your thick shaft before finally entwining the meat most desired, stroking you slowly, slowly, oh so slowly, my gaze now fixed to your desiring eyes, my thumb circling your burnished head, smearing you with the glisten I long to taste.

… My tight red knickers are deliciously constricting, hugging my hips and bottom and mound. As I sit here in the close, spring heat, I’m teasing myself over the thin cotton fabric, mapping the damp spot growing ever larger, prolonging the moment my fingers find my need as I hunger for your nakedness here in my bed, as I hunger to know every last inch of you, as I hunger for you to drink from my cup, as I hunger for your glans between these pink, sticky lips, as I hunger for you to bury yourself deep, deep inside me, my hips rocking, my pelvis grinding, our flesh melting, merging in the bliss, swallowing your groans and words of desire, our climax breaking the still of the night, your hot seed coating the walls of my velvet, my fair, lissom form your canvas to paint and create.

… My entire body burns with its fevered ache; my entire being calls out for you and you alone, its need to have you near me, next to me, inside me too great. In a very short while, I’ll move off into the bedroom, shedding the fabric along the way, fashioning a path for you to blindly follow. When I reach the white covered expanse facing the large mirror, I’ll perch myself on its very edge, spreading my creamy thighs wide, wide, wider until I see the gloss shining in the low light, until I feel my crazed passion rising up and breaking free. Then, and only then, will I fuck myself with my silicone proxy, slipping and sliding the thick shaft along my portal, circling and teasing my clitoris, before nudging it into my cunt inch by glorious inch, watching my petite form surrender to a pleasure at once too much and not enough. And as I fuck myself for you, for me, as I thrust the cock in and out, in and out of me, as I watch my body arch and buck and writhe, as I watch the lust lining my face, as I allow my mind to sink into you, as I allow my body to drown in you, as I allow you to take me over even at so far a remove, as I moan and scream and cry out my orgasm, it will be your name on these lips, it will be the name of the man I want with a softness and a violence that surprises even me.

  1. Get8More 2010.11.14 12:39pm


    and “he” is one incredibly lucky man!

  2. Green Eyed Frenchy 2010.11.14 2:51pm

    You are like a burning flame, such powerful is your desire… A lot of women can relate to you words, as you set men's lust on fire.

  3. Osbasso 2010.11.14 5:05pm

    Right now…I'll have to excuse myself for a moment…

  4. Sir Thomas 2010.11.14 10:35pm

    while reading this I had a starnge feeling come over me and there was a moment when i think i might lose it….

    damn I wish it was me you where thinking of…


    really i cannot express how hot this really is on paper..

  5. Sunny 2010.11.15 12:49am







    Damn, Damn, Daaayum!

  6. 1manview 2010.11.15 2:20am

    Erotic piece of longing, wanting and desire of the flesh…”Mmm I like”

  7. Max 2010.11.15 2:32am

    This is fantastically erotic writing…just sizzling.

    Have I mentioned that you set me on fire, with both words and pics???

    Wow…. 🙂

  8. Anonymous 2010.11.15 7:15am

    I wanna be “he”

  9. Easily Aroused 2010.11.15 12:12pm

    This is staggeringly arousing in the raw intensity of its eroticism. And after reading it, how can I be anything but awed by your ability … and deeply envious of this man who inspires you so powerfully….


  10. stareintotheabyss 2010.11.15 10:45pm

    Lucky man. You're so amazingly sexual. I can only hope it's not all reserved for one faraway man.

  11. Lady Dragonfly 2010.11.16 3:56am

    “..at once too much and not enough…”

    Yes, this is gorgeous writing, I well imagine myself in this place… So hot, so wanting. Thank you for expressing lust so lushly.

  12. Cheeky Minx 2010.11.16 11:10am

    Get8More: Thank you so much, on both counts!

    Frenchy: Somehow, I always know you'll be able to relate to the warmth and the burn, my gorgeous one. As for setting lustful men on fire, I rather like that idea…

    Os: Right now…I'm thinking my job might be done…

    Sir Thomas: Clearly, my work here isn't anywhere near complete after all if you thought you might lose it. I guess I'll have to up the ante.

    I'm so very flattered by your words, wishes and sighs, kind sir…

    Sunny: This was just the response I was hoping for – he has the very same effect on me. Thank you, lovely…

    1manview: And I like that you like…

    Max: You may have made mention of it once or twice. But don't let that ever stop you from repeating the sentiment. Thank you…

    Anon: Is that so? I might be open to seeing your…resume…

    EA: When you consider I'm the one invariably awestruck and mesmerised by your writing talent, your words take my breath clear away.

    As for being deeply envious, I have to admit I take great pleasure from that thought. A great deal of pleasure…

    KJK: Whether near or far, this man inspires my sexual complexity, my carnality and sensuality. A minx can't ask for more than that.

    Thank you for the incredible compliment, Mr Keats…

    Lady Dragonfly: I am the one who should be doing the thanking, as few can pen desire as lushly as you, lovely lady…

  13. GoodWill 2010.11.16 8:31pm

    Holy wow…such amazing writing, really made me feel the words you wrote. Such a turn on to read and re-read.

  14. EllaGirl 2010.11.18 5:33pm

    …. speaking his name can be such an exquisite tipping point for me as well… xo – E.

  15. Cheeky Minx 2010.11.19 1:11am

    GoodWill: Hearing this inspires your desire is music to my ears. And hearing you're inspired to re-read this piece makes me blush…

    Ella: Sometimes it is all in the name, isn't it?