HNT: The Velvet Web

36_The streets were dark...

In the flicker of an eye, she appears before him in the low-lit entrance, dressed in the deepest midnight black, as if conjured from the innermost recesses of his base imaginings. Guided by the seductively guttural moan of the jazz trumpet, she languidly slinks to the wall, pressing her petite frame into the stucco, her long fingers beginning the slow release, teasing open each clasp to reveal the satin, the lace and the firm, ready flesh to his transfixed gaze.

Moving toward her with an ease that betrays nothing of the urgency rising up inside him, he curls his hand around the growing swell straining the tailored suiting, relishing the fiery passion his intensely masculine arousal ignites, savouring his powerful hold over this rapacious woman.

Yet, as her look once again joins his, as the raspy breath escapes her glistening mouth, as she sensually strokes the swollen slickness down below, as she opens herself up for him, to him, his possession dissolves in an instant, her dangerous shadows unwittingly drawing him in, her unbound desire wordlessly calling him into her velvet web.

(Remember to knock on Osbasso’s door to see this week’s gorgeous players…)

  1. JM 2010.11.10 10:35pm

    What man could resist such temptation? What man would not be aroused by such a vision? Not this man….

    Your words as always bring such clarity to an imagination that already needs no encouragement! Yet the image just holds me fixated, drowning out all other thoughts.

    Beautiful work once again CM


  2. Osbasso 2010.11.10 11:24pm

    Right down to the jazz trumpet. You're amazing.

  3. Jas 2010.11.10 11:27pm

    Love the sensuality in the pic and words. You are gorgeous as always xx

  4. MinorityReport 2010.11.10 11:43pm

    An amazingly sexy post.

  5. Max 2010.11.11 1:56am

    Smoking hot….

  6. Vixen 2010.11.11 4:30am

    Your words……smoldering. As is the picture hon.


  7. Lady Grinning Soul 2010.11.11 11:01am

    Such a beautiful, gorgeous HNT… like a smokey fifties movie… love it!

    LGS xxx

  8. Barefoot Dreamer 2010.11.11 1:33pm

    the streak of light across your face….your lips…sigh!

  9. Sir Thomas 2010.11.11 3:43pm

    such temptation…

    you would have me wrapped around your finger…

    your wish would be my command

  10. stareintotheabyss 2010.11.11 4:05pm

    Just the words I might have imagined when salivating over this week's photo. I might have placed you though, in the lobby of a very public hotel, but then that's my own fetish.

  11. the eternal list 2010.11.11 4:33pm

    quite lovely, i wanna kiss those lips!

    smooth jazz


  12. Sheba 2010.11.11 5:31pm

    Love the hair but the skirt/dress is my favorite by far. So sexy.

    Happy HNT!

  13. EllaGirl 2010.11.11 8:31pm

    “Velvet Web” yet who is the spider and who is the fly in any web of desire? I sometime wonder if we aren't all flies in service of The Web? Lovely picture as always – E.

  14. Hubman 2010.11.11 9:34pm

    I love how there appears to be a ray of light on your face, wonderful picture!


  15. Goddess Aphrodite 2010.11.12 2:48am

    Wow…beautiful sexy writing, and awesome picture to match. 🙂

  16. Lusting Lola 2010.11.12 3:54am

    Fabulous, as always.

    Just wanted to stop by, as today's MG, and say thanks for the nice comment you left. 🙂

  17. Sunny 2010.11.12 4:37am

    sizzle. sensuous. sultry.

    The pic combined with the words =



  18. Emmy 2010.11.12 4:59am

    Such a gorgeous picture!!
    Love the light – love your expression and body language. Your picts always amaze me.
    Happy HNT!

  19. Riff Dog 2010.11.12 5:15pm

    Great picture as always. Very seductive and definitely pulling me into that velvet web.

  20. Elle 2010.11.12 11:24pm

    Oh dear.

    SO HOT!

  21. Black Pearl 2010.11.14 4:21am

    Hey Cheeky!!

    Great Pic as usual…I'm looking for some input on the subject of swallowing…would you mind stopping over and weighing in?

  22. Cheeky Minx 2010.11.14 8:22am

    Gorgeous guys and delectable dolls, your words so sexy and sensual magically spin and weave the velvet web of my dreams…

  23. GoodWill 2010.11.16 8:32pm

    Such a delicious picture, and your words always heighten the sensuality of your pics.

  24. Cheeky Minx 2010.11.19 1:04am

    I'm so very glad to hear you think them both sensual and delicious, GoodWill…

  25. Easily Aroused 2010.11.24 1:07pm

    The Goddess of Noir returns with a vengeance … and like so many of these other devotees, I find myself snared in your web and not giving a damn about trying to break free…


  26. Cheeky Minx 2010.11.25 9:31am

    This is music to my ears because I'm rather unwilling to let you go, EA…