HNT: Shred


Take me.
Touch me.
Taste me.
Caress then shred my cover.

Do you want?
Do you dare?
Do you dare to want me, lover?

(Remember to knock on Osbasso’s door to see this week’s gorgeous players…)

  1. JM 2010.09.02 1:29am

    Want? Definately!
    Dare? It excites me!
    Dare to want? I am sure the end would justify the means….

    Exquisite as always CM


  2. The Muffin Fan 2010.09.02 1:42am

    Sometimes all a man can do is stare and swallow, as he absorbs the resplendent beauty and power that is before him, as his senses reel at the excellence of her form, the brilliance of her mind, and the erotic flair her intense vividness presents of a woman fully in tune with the puissant energy of her boundless, ravenous, and untamable sexuality.

  3. Jas 2010.09.02 1:47am

    Teasing words to match a powerful teasing shot. Intriguing, Sensual and beautiful in black and white.

  4. MinorityReport 2010.09.02 1:55am

    Perfect shot! Just the right amount shown/not shown. And the pose (and prose) is great. HHNT. 🙂

  5. Supercock 2010.09.02 2:20am

    Take you? Yummy, with pleasure!

  6. James 2010.09.02 2:45am

    Yes, Yes, Yes!

  7. Ms Scarlett 2010.09.02 3:03am

    That creamy expanse of skin is very tempting, indeed.

    Your picture, and words, are perfect… as ever…


  8. Jobthingy 2010.09.02 3:05am

    oh yes please. wow. just amazing!

  9. Dewey's System 2010.09.02 3:24am

    elbow on the table, jaw dropped, and hand in mouth admiring the exquisite and beautiful before me. 'caress then shred my cover' — I am rendered breathless by your words, meaning I actually stop momentarily from breathing. your words and body have that affect on me.

  10. Osbasso 2010.09.02 6:56am

    I went to bed, knowing something was “off”. I tossed and turned, then it hit me. I hadn't come by here yet!

    Now I'll toss and turn again, but for entirely different reasons!

  11. Green Eyed Frenchy 2010.09.02 10:00am

    Yet another breathtaking, sultry, jaw dropping vision and words. How do you manage to always surprise us? You must have fairy blood! *smiles*

  12. Big 2010.09.02 12:30pm

    Love the hint of your mouth.
    Always so damn sexy.

  13. The Panserbjørne 2010.09.02 1:27pm

    For a taste of that, I would dare anything.

    — PB

  14. Vixen 2010.09.02 2:37pm

    The hair. Gets me every time. You have such sexy hair! Along with your sultry figure and incredible words.



  15. the eternal list 2010.09.02 3:33pm

    i dare, i dare


  16. Advizor 2010.09.02 3:50pm

    Do i dare to want you? I don't think it's an option, I'm compelled to want, to need, to desire….

  17. sadie 2010.09.02 6:55pm

    Hee … love that poem. I am pretty sure that anyone would dare after seeing that shot 🙂


  18. Elle 2010.09.02 9:57pm

    What a tease you are!

  19. thesecretivewriter 2010.09.02 11:23pm

    sexy dressed…sexy undressed…but those words you write… easily are what get us off.

  20. keatsjohnkeats 2010.09.03 1:54pm

    I know it's a good photo when it causes my hand to reach toward the screen to unbutton that last button, then pull back in disappointment that I can't reach through.

  21. Autumn 2010.09.04 12:39am

    Gorgeous picture! Oh wow you are beautiful. Just sayin.

  22. Sir Thomas 2010.09.04 5:12pm

    oh I dare…

    I dare….

  23. Cheeky Minx 2010.09.05 7:30am

    Thank you so much, gorgeous guys and sexy dolls, for your words and thoughts so beautiful… xxxx

  24. Easily Aroused 2010.09.14 10:48am

    How is it that you so effortlessly raise both the connoisseur and the beast within me?


  25. Cheeky Minx 2010.09.16 4:16am

    I'm unsure, EA. But I am more than a little pleased I can inspire such a alluring duality…