Through the Word

We give of ourselves through the word, through the prose, on the screen, on the page, through the lips and the tongue murmured sweetly into the waiting ear.

We give of ourselves through the word, through the needed expression of the ache, through the fissures of pain and of bliss, in the bright of day, in the veil of the night.

We give of ourselves through the word, through the turn of the phrase that inflames, through the writing that arouses desires on the surface and hidden deep within.

We give of ourselves through the word, through verse as skin and bone and as flesh, longing to be sensually touched and caressed, yearning to be savagely fucked and set free.

And as we give of ourselves through the word, we give of ourselves through the body. The body, my body, his body. The bodies that give, the bodies that take, the bodies that lust and merge and devour.

The bodies that ardently follow the word.

  1. Just A. Girl 2010.07.05 12:00am

    Interesting take on “the word.”

  2. Southern Sage 2010.07.05 2:26am

    perfectly stated.

  3. Spring Flower 2010.07.05 2:32am

    Word up!

  4. The Muffin Fan 2010.07.05 2:46am

    The words heal.

    The words harm.

    The words excite.

    The words possess.

    The words set free.

    The body craves.

    The body gives.

    The body takes.

    The body bleeds.

    The body heeds the words.

    The words fuel the body.

    Without one, we are but meat. Without the other there is no breath for the words, no fingers to craft them. No mind to shape them.

    But – the words can live on when the body expires.

    This is exquisite, Lovely Minx.

  5. Green Eyed Frenchy 2010.07.05 10:32am

    Another extremely well expressed thought, touching many soft spots!

  6. EllaGirl 2010.07.05 4:24pm

    Who are we, these slaves to the word? Users of the body. Burnt bridges our quicks. Charred spirits released. Fragile ashes in the wind…

    Lovely, as always. Read and re-read. An copied for future solace. xo – E.

  7. Cheeky Minx 2010.07.06 12:03am

    Just A. Girl: Thank you. Sometimes it's all about the words…

    Sage: Perfectly commented.

    Spring Flower: Hahaha… Love it!

    Muffin: I am also grateful the word lives on beyond the flesh and blood body. I don't know where I'd be without the words of others. Thank you for your words…

    Frenchy: I'm glad to hear it touched you so!

    Ella: Your words are a joy to read. I am only too happy to provide solace to one who offers me comfort in the form of her own prose. Thank you… xx

  8. 1manview 2010.07.06 5:03pm

    The smoothness and meaningfulness of your prose is so unforgiving…. Unforgiving meaning “Great”… This is great Repetitive Poem…

  9. Joanna Cake 2010.07.07 5:05pm

    Good stuff! 🙂

  10. Cheeky Minx 2010.07.07 11:40pm

    1manview: Thank you very much. I only hope my words always manage to reach that “unforgiving” standard…

    Cake: Thank you! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. 🙂