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58_AnticipationHow can it be, lover? How can it be?

How can it be your carnal masculinity turns me on my head so easily? How can it be the anticipation of your touch leaves me shivering, aching wet? How can it be the yearning for your flesh compels these legs to rise up to heaven’s edge? How can it be the desire for your body to slide along, between, inside this velvet heat reduces me to a whimpering mess? How can it be, lover? How can it be? How can it be the thought of you shatters this woman so absolutely?



It is only once your eyes, your lips, your hands are upon me, revealing my secrets, the mysteries of my most intimate flesh, it is only once we are joined here together, man plus woman, skin on skin, sex in sex, it is only once you bathe me in your heat, your sweat, your libations, your essence, your shimmering afterglow, does this want, this need, this lustful passion of mine make any sense.

HNT: Sunrise


The platinum summer rays tenderly envelope the curves stilled by slumber, the crisp cotton leaving its own unique and intimate trace. Yet in her dreaming, it is her lover’s light, which swathes her fairness, it is his maddening touch, his butterfly kiss, his blissful heat, which possesses her, which sets her free.

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HNT: I Shed the Veil

I shed the veil
Of the past, of the wounds, of the limits that once contained me

 I shed the veil
Through the word, through the deed, through the expression of my desire

I shed the veil
To embrace the mind and the body, to enfold the woman rising up inside me

I shed the veil
From this skin, from this flesh, for the man I crave to kiss and hold and taste

I shed the veil
Every moment, every day, every month of this past year

I shed the veil
For me, you, for us, my lone and collective witness

 I shed the veil
On the femme, on the vamp, on the minx, cheeky, dark and light

 I shed the veil
I shed my veil
And at long last
I am released, recovered, reborn


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