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The Alchemy of Desire

123_The Alchemy of DesireHere and now, I know not the whys or wherefores. I know little reason or this mind’s sense.

I know only with this desiring body, the alchemical connection that continues to torment, that binds me to you like addict to obsession, to the masculine potency of your flesh, that stirs me as the day is dawning, that colours the light as if the darkness about to descend, that whispers to the craving skin of my feminine sensuality, to the wild and uncontrollable, to the depths of this lustful decadence, that moans along the arch of my form, the tips of the fingers reaching out to caress, to the cunt etched with your name and dripping our passion’s indelible scent.



Meet me in the haze, in the dreaming, the in-between, in the delicate light of dawn, in the ivory tangle of our lust-drenched sheets, in the body sensual, the fusion electric, the woman shaking beneath as you drive our hunger deep, as you plunder her dripping sex with the fire of your need, the one who craves each night and day your sweet possession, the violent rush of your creamy sin, the passion exquisite and crazed, the souls unveiled and craving together, always.

To Have, To Hold

113_To Have, To HoldTo have you here, lover. To hold your ache between my lips. The lightness of your being etched deep into my sensual flesh. The intensity that stirs your soul, a sheen upon this skin. The gaze that reveals it all to me, that veils you once more in mystery. The kiss that maps the bright, its home these silken hollows. The utterance that guards the dark, the wanton shadows craved.

In Her Sensual Arc

110_In Her Sensual ArcIn her sensual arc, he receives the sigh, the burnish of the sun on her skin, the piquancy of her wetness, the sweetness of her perfume, the desire that burns through flesh and bone, the need for his breath soft against her nakedness, for the hands and his touch and their landfall, for the caress along the grain, along the curves now trembling, aching for his uniquely perfecting form.

Body Heat

104_Body Heat

To many, the gesture would be perceived as coy, somewhat demure.

But, he knows better. In fact, he knows her best.

For in her downcast gaze and ebony kitten lashes and the full and parted lips rouged as red as the light which bathes her contours, he recognises the same palpable heat, the same fiery passion and dangerous darkness as the one radiating from her wantonly arched body, from the brazenly exposed and denuded sex dripping, soaking the softness of her inner thighs with its insatiable and lascivious want.

Once she meets his stare, once her eyes are transfixed by the line of his pulsating and thickening shaft, by the obvious needs of his flesh, he sees the shadows engulf her absolutely, his temptress spiralling into the carnal depths, her arms slackening, sliding down the cool stucco, her hands descending with uncharacteristic restraint to tease her slender neck, her pert breasts, the flair of her hips before grasping at each of her cheeks, spreading herself open, so wide her cunt is now lusting sweetness suspended, her secret place scarlet and gleaming and silently pleading for completion, an erotic trap and invitation to partake in their mutual pleasure and ruin, to have him devastate, to have him taste her, his mouth gorging on the succulence like a starved and growling animal, his cock piercing her with selfish urgency when his fever reaches its own maddening pitch, his fingers claiming titian tresses, his lips whispering the words of filth and seduction as he fucks her, fucks her hard and slow and deep, fucks her with measured ferocity, his glans emerging slick and angry with each greedy thrust, as he fucks her hard and slow and deep, as he takes each moan and whimper and clutch of the velvet, seizing every shuddering orgasm driven from her body without mercy, as he fucks her hard and slow and deep, marking her with the violent surge, with the seed she craves to hold forever inside her, with his kiss and his bite, with the roar of her damnation, with the sigh of her sweet name.

Silk Stockings

103_Silk StockingsAnd I will dress for you in nothing but silk stockings, my sensual nakedness trembling and on display, craving to have you, to have your hands finally upon me, to watch them glide along the sheathed line of these long and slender legs, to feel your palms firm on the ebony tops, your fingers dancing lightly on the skin atop, before you ease me, spread me shamelessly wide open, my body arching, pouting, my sex gleaming and wanton, hungry for possession, for the sweetest violation, your thick and hard pulsation, the thunder and the fire, our voracious need.