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City Lights

83_City LightsSoaring into the night sky, bathed in neon, caressed by these city lights, I breathlessly await the perfection of your touch, the fingers dancing on this skin, your strong arm wound about my waist, the urgent hands drawing my hungry nakedness into the throbbing ache of your heat, the voracious cock nudging at the lips sodden with my lust, the thumb feeding itself into the mouth whimpering its need, the bodies locked together deep, pressed hard into the glowing crystal screen, our abandoned passion threatening to shatter glass and souls and flesh to dust.


His mouth. His mouth. How it makes me pulse and ache. For him. For more. I pulse and ache and thump, thump, thump while he takes charge and flips me over onto my back and spreads my legs across the white expanse on which we play.

Kneeling on the floor at the end of the bed, his hands stroke my almost naked body, beginning at my neck, tracing my collarbone, taking in the swell of my breasts, fondling my hard rosy nipples, possessing my waist, moving across my tummy and hips and thighs and calves, ending with a gentle foot caress. At long last his mouth joins in, kissing, licking, sucking, roaming hungry gestures marking me with his seemingly insatiable lust as my body quakes and shivers in response.

Impatience now rules his moves as he finally slips the cream and black satin g-string from me, my hips and bottom rising up, meeting his smiling face as the silky fabric and his fingertips brush my fair skin. Once past my feet he holds them to his face, inhaling deeply, absorbing my scent at a remove, extending the moment we have both yearned for over many a night and day.

Head sinking down, he takes his time to look at me, to memorize, to truly see the curve of my mound, the neat strip of fuzz, each pink plump fold, my flowing slit now glistening in the low light. And after what seems like an age his lips meet mine, kissing my cunt as if it were my mouth, lips possessing and consuming, his tongue slowly slithering out, moving across the hood of my clit oh so deliberately, making tiny circles around and around and around, my juices now pouring out of me, his tongue now darting and flicking as he pushes his big thick thumb into my pussy, twirling and fingering, replaced urgently by two others crooked towards him, sliding, probing, in and out, in and out, in and out, my pussy splashing and squelching, his moans and groans as he sates his own hunger withdrawing his fingers and drinking me in, his other hand stretching out to find my right breast, my one hand on the very same hand, the other stroking his head and pushing him in further, deeper as my legs open wide, wider, wider still threatening to tear me apart, whimpers and moans and animal groans, my begging and pleading for more, for more, right there, yes, there, oh baby don’t stop, don’t stop, my body unconsciously convulsing, my back arching with each new flick and lick of his tongue, with each kiss and suck of his mouth, with each wave of pleasure that courses through my slight body and releases the warm creamy flood.

Behind Closed Doors

The months characterised by my submission and acquiesce flew out the window once he was there before me. This flesh and blood man, skin soft, body hard, whose clean, sweet yet masculine scent left me swooning, would be mine for the taking. My own personal plaything, my fucktoy, my lover. Mine, all mine. For one day at least.

Having shed his coat in a heap on the floor, he stood in the entrance, watching and waiting silently, the short sharp breaths and straining bulge in his trousers betraying his arousal. I stepped forward, a little coyly, teasingly, pushing him firmly into the wall, pressing my hips into his erection, his hands supporting the small of my back as I leaned back, my hands caressing strong forearms, hips grinding ever so lightly, relishing the sight, delighting in the moment.

The tease didn’t last long, my impatience finally crashing over me in a wave as my mouth found his. Much like our very public encounter the previous day, we became fevered and hungry and insatiable in a matter of minutes, lips and tongues lashing, devouring, tasting, kissing, kissing, kissing, deeper and deeper, harder and harder, his hands travelling from my back to my arse and back up to my breasts, my own making their way from his neck, along his shoulders to his chest.

Breathlessly I broke away, one hand on his chest as if keeping him at bay, my eyes locked securely on his. I moved in again for a more sensual kiss before I began unbuttoning his shirt, pulling it oh so slowly and deliberately from his trousers, fingers trailing through the gorgeously thick hair on his chest, my lips on that very silky spot on his neck, covering the long, lean line in deep tongue kisses that allowed me to absorb his very essence as I moved down, down, down his torso stopping once I was on my knees in front of him.

It was just as I had imagined, just as I had fantasized all those long nights alone in my own bed far, far away, touching and fingering myself at the thought of his rock-hard ready cock. My hand, still a little cold, reached out to him, rubbing and stroking him through the wool fabric of his pin-striped trousers just as it had done the day before. I leaned in, pressing my cheek to his now throbbing erection, running my face along the ridge, kissing him deeply, my hand cupping his balls, feeling him quiver at my touch as my other hand snaked around his arse and his wound through my curls.

I kept teasing, teasing, rubbing, rubbing, rubbing, my hands trailing along his thighs and calves and back up to his raging hardness, rubbing, rubbing, kissing, kissing, kissing, until it was too much for either of us to bear. As I looked up at him and began to slowly unbuckle his belt, sliding it through each of the loops, his smiling eyes had transformed into a disbelieving yet hungry gaze. Flicking the buttons open and easing down the zip, my hand a thin layer away from his achingly hot flesh, I leaned in again to take in his scent as I eased him out of the boxers.

I was mesmerised, in fact I always am, at the sight of a hard throbbing cock. The sheer deliciousness of his thick shaft, angry purple head, shiny with precum, bobbing in front of me, is difficult to explain. Words often do it no justice at all. Licking my lipstick smudged lips, I kissed his tip, lightly licking at the sheen before opening my eager mouth wide to accept his big hard gift.

And what a gift it was. My mouth, my lips, my tongue, couldn’t get enough, as I licked and flicked at his head, my hand joining in and stroking his length, his cock moving in and out, in and out, my mouth fucking his cock, his cock fucking my mouth, my unconscious moans, his rapid, excited breaths, my hands forcing in more, more, more fiery flesh as I gripped his behind, stroking, stroking his thick shaft as I moved down to take his balls in my mouth, gently licking, squeezing and massaging them with my lips, my mouth back on his cock, tasting his juices, oh baby you taste so good, stroking, stroking, stroking with my delicate fingers as our eyes momentarily met, my lips once again wrapped around him, you are so fucking beautiful, look at you, look at you, licking, flicking, swirling my tongue on his head and then down his thumping shaft, his knees beginning to buckle, the familiar twitch forming in his stomach as I threw off my top and leaned back to feel the first jets of searing hot creamy come splash onto my breasts, stream after stream after stream, my hands massaging in his newly expressed passion, his hands joining mine, my mouth back on his cock to lick him clean.

His sticky hands held out to me, he lifted me to my feet and kissed me deeply, tasting himself on my lips, tasting the sweet release of his desire just as we had talked about in our many exchanges. Breaking away I walked into the bathroom, stripped off my skirt and stood in front of the mirror in the lace topped stockings and satin g-string of his choosing. Soaping myself up at the sink, my rosy nipples hard and erect from the shock of the warm water and the events of moments before, he came up behind me, his large strong hands taking over, make circles on my chest, fingers tracing my breasts, pinching my nipples, hands rinsing me clean then patting me dry with the fluffy white towel. Still standing by the sink, our reflection beamed back at us while I reached back, hooking my arm over his neck and accepting the long, deep sensual kiss he offered up once again as his hands moved along the soft fabric of my knickers to cup my eager and very wet cunt.

And as I took his hand and led him to the bed, I knew from the impatient and hungry look on his face our afternoon of pleasure was only just getting started.