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HNT: Réunion

HNT ReunionThe summer shimmers beyond these walls, but this body gleams not merely with the season. It is my heat, our fire, this passion for you that smoulders in my core, that drums its beat in my heart, in my sex, in my soul, that rises up and prickles my skin, that transforms each thought into a sensual yearning, a carnal craving often too great to endure.

Yet once our bodies touch, once we come together, every kiss, every taste, every caress, every thrust of hips and stroke of hot hard perfecting flesh feels inexplicably new and unknown, feels just like home, feels right, so right to be here with you again, lips pressed in softly, limbs entwined, the two of us exhausted from our love making listening to the sounds of the twilight and the day shutting itself in to settle into night, to settle into darkness and an enveloping embrace that closes the gulf, that erases the space, our time apart, that brings me back to the place I truly belong.

(Remember to knock on Osbasso’s door to see the return of all the gorgeous HNT players…)

HNT: Lure


As the humidity rises up, choking the purity of the air, its gleaming trace prickling her skin, her body calls out for him, reaches out to him, piercing the light, drinking in shadows, hungry for its opposite, its complement, the lure of him, his flesh, his hardness, his scent, his touch too great, too vast, too devastatingly addictive to resist.

(Remember to knock on Osbasso’s door to see this week’s gorgeous players…)