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I envy her. I envy them all.

All of the women lucky enough to encounter you, to chance upon you on the street, in the underground, out in the world as you pass them by, the ones able to catch the briefest glimpse, the ones who can treat themselves to the lingering gaze, the ones who please your eye and arouse your passions, the ones able to brush against your imposing frame or have you press your body into them in the peak hour rush on the crowded train.

I envy them, I do. All of the women fortunate enough to have you, to know you, to truly know you, to be with you, each and every day, privileged enough to bring you into their lives, to bring you in tight, to bring you in close, into their bodies, into their ache, into the velvet heat craving your thick, hard perfecting flesh. I covet the moments they share with you, the moments and minutes and hours they are able to reach out and touch you, to caress your mouth oh so sensually with their lips, the mouth always longing for one more kiss, to trace its peaks with their soft and slippery tongues, to glide their hands along the finely cut Italian suiting to feel, to register, to memorise the blistering heat, your rapid heartbeat.

And as I sit here on this cold and lonely night, I wonder if they indulge you completely, if they spoil you as I would do, if they selfishly take their own pleasure, if you sate their overwhelming desires and needs, the ones you so easily, so effortlessly inspire in me, if they satiate your hunger with their skin and their cunts and their feminine suppleness, if you satisfy their greed with your hands and your cock and your mouth and your mind and the masculinity that invariably leaves me in a daze.


37_RevelationTell me the truth. What is it you want from me? Really want? Just say whatever is inside you…

I want to know you. All of you. Your body, your desires, your mind. Your heart. Your soul. The man.

I want to fuck you and make love to you. I want to indulge you in every way you can imagine, in all the ways my own passion can conceive.

I want to kiss you; I want to kiss your mouth, the strong line of your neck, the deep, smooth hollow of your hip. I want to kiss your cock; I want to worship it, taste you, savour your entire body with my lips and my tongue.

I want to caress your body in the dark, my hands touching, tracing, discovering each muscle and tendon and wiry curl, these fingers skimming, teasing the softness of your skin.

I want to drift off into my dreaming with your nakedness wound into mine, your breath on my neck, the beat of your heart on my back, your cock nestled between my cheeks.

I want to wake in the night and find you there beside me, in the place I always long for you to be. I want to rouse you from your slumber with my breasts pressed into your chest, my sex sliding along your thick, hard heat.

I want to wake with you, watch the sun rise with you, kiss the points where the sunlight meets your golden skin. I want to inhale your scent, committing it all to memory so I can recall you an instant when you’re not here.

I want to talk and dance and walk with you; I want to laugh and sing and eat. I want to listen to your voice, the accented rumble that leaves me weak.

I want to be still with you, hushed and quiet, allowing my body to speak, allowing this body to tell you of the passion that has been taunting me for the past two years.

I want to hold your hand; I want to press myself in close, your fingers travelling their instinctive path, your palms finding their home in every curve of my slight frame.

I want to possess you in the open, for all eyes to see; I want you to take me, fuck me until I cry out your name, until my cunt releases the flood, until you fill me with your searing cream, until this body divides and just as quickly unites, until I can no longer count the time I have spent at the edge, in the rays of your blinding light.

I want to have these walls drip with our sweat; I want them to absorb our heated libations. I want to them to soak up our scent, the sweet musk of our come, the passion consumed and yet forever consuming.

I want to be free, I want to be bound to you; I want to touch you with my warmth and affection. I want to be free; I want us both to be free, unafraid to open ourselves to this feeling.

I want to submerge myself in you; I want to explore with you.

I want it all with you.


My desire for you turns my rationality on its head. It always has. I suspect it always will. It leaves my stomach in knots, my mind crazed, this body on fire, so much so I fear for it, fear this passion will destroy, incinerate, reducing me to nothing but ash and dust, leaving nothing of worth for any other man.

And yet, I care little for my annihilation if it’s at your hand, if it’s at the altar of the man who embodies all that is erotic, all that is possibility, if it’s your body, your imposing strength, your hard thick intensely masculine flesh that takes possession of the woman I now am, of my bare and warm skin, of this slight form draped in the seductive accoutrements of all that is feminine, of the breasts and rosy peaks reaching out for the lightest of caresses, of the lips ever yearning for the softness of your mouth, for your throbbing and glistening sex, of the bright cunt coating your naked cock in this fiery essence, fucking me with your deep and carnal lust, making slow sensual love to me in the dark until you splash your seed, until I release my flood, until I draw the blood on your back, until you bruise me, until we mark, until you guide us, our moans and screams and barely whispered words to the light.


She dips the brush into the small glass pot with delicate precision, immersing the bristles into the viscous varnish before gingerly hovering over her waiting nails, the first drops trickling a sensuous path down the plastic spines and finally free falling to splatter and gloss and transform the untouched purity on the end of her silky feet.

With each stroke, with each coat, her nails deepen and darken, the shallow red morphing into fresh cherry then lustrous ruby and ultimately the decadent scarlet of the wanton seductress never far from her surface, of the femme fatale whose craving for man, dangerous and overwhelming, engulfs her in the dead of night.

As she watches her toes bloom and glisten, she is reminded of her other scarlet place, the one held tight now by the fine ebony mesh bound around her hips, the pillowy mound accented with the shadow of a finely manicured triangle, the tip leading its way to the lips now impossibly smooth, to the petals plump and bright and yet again on fire as his voice, his words, his desire come back to her, working their way into her body, etching themselves into her very flesh.

With that smallest recollection, with that fleeting thought, he is suddenly there in front her, urging her to touch herself, to hook her feet and scarlet toes over the edge of the coffee table and spread herself open beneath the fine panties, to trace the lines of her full labia and the aching clitoris reaching out for his lips, to tease the wetness from her body until the mesh can no longer stand the flood, until the weave of the fabric gives out and her lust runs hotly down the insides of her thighs, her fingers circling, her palm then rubbing as he sits between her fair legs and begins to drink her in, kissing and licking through the black mesh, rasping his tongue across the material, pressing it into her cleft, into her cunt, drawing out her craving, her need to have him shred the fabric and bare her sex to the cool air, to the flat of his tongue, to have his mouth, his lips, his kiss against her naked flesh, to sate his desire to taste her, to hear her arousal, to have her hot sex pressed against his mouth until he can’t breathe without tasting her, without inhaling her, until his beard is literally sodden with her lust, until he feels orgasm after orgasm ripple then roar through her slight trembling frame, until his own visibly throbbing and oozing glans can take the torture no longer, until the promise of her mouth, her body, her oiled velvet heat opening up to him, utterly and completely, is too much to bear.


I’ve barely been able to order my thoughts all day; my desire for you is so overwhelming. My mind and body are reeling, swimming, drowning in the possibilities, in the vision of you tearing and shredding the clothes from my body and taking me from behind, possessing me with every ounce of your control, with every ounce of your abandon, fucking me like a beast seizing, conquering its prey, your will and restraint, your refinement and sophistication at last utterly stripped away.

But I fear that my tiredness and this wretch of a day now have me feeling soft and sensual once more. Would you mind if we indulge that sensuality?

Would you mind if we shed our clothes with an aching slowness, our hands releasing the buttons, the binds, the fabrics and ties, the laces and silks and the finery, our fingers and lips caressing, kissing, devouring each newly revealed piece of skin until we’re finally naked and bare? Would you mind if we climbed between the crisp cotton sheets, our bodies finding one another, our bodies instantly, unconsciously drawn together, my legs wrapped around your waist, my hands on your nape, my mouth reaching up for another kiss? Would you mind if I ran my hand through the dark wiry curls on your chest, if I traced the hollow of your hip, if I wound my delicate fingers around your hard and leaking glans to roll back your foreskin, to trace your cockhead with my thumb, to stroke you, to hear your breath rasp, to part my pink glistening folds with your shaft? Would you mind if I slid my hungry sex along that throbbing thickness, if I tease my clitoris until I come loud and hard as you hover above me, watching my face and body intently? Would you mind if I took you in hand and placed you at my portal, feeding every inch of your thick cock into my most intimate flesh, my sweet cunt enveloping, clamping around you, my body prematurely on the brink? Would you mind fucking me, making love to me slowly, slowly, oh so slowly, allowing me to commit to memory every nuance and pulse and thrust and groan? Would you mind coming inside me to satisfy the dizzying craving that courses through me each day and each night, to satisfy the need for your violent rain, for your scorching seed?

And when we’re sated, when we’re spent and breathless and our bodies call us to rest, would you mind if we wound ourselves together once again and listened to the wind and the rain?


I want you. I want you.

No, I need you.

I need you here in this room, in my bed, between the sheets that caress my own nakedness.
I need your sweat, your come, our libations to stain their lily whiteness, to leave that indelible and remarkable trace.

I need your cock, thick and hard and glistening, shining my lips, skidding across my tongue, sinking into the tightness, embraced by my velvet heat. I need your mouth, your lips, I need your kiss.

I need these walls to hear the deep timbre of your voice, your wanton words. I need these walls to record your sigh, your gasp, your groan. I need the bricks, the mortar to drink in your unique musk, your addictive scent. I need you soaked into the very fabric of this feminine space, onto my fair skin, into my aching flesh.

I need you. I need this. I need all of this and so much more. But more than anything, I need this place to remember, to release your essence once you’re gone. I need the reminders, these erotic and sultry mementos to relive our passion once I’m alone.

In the Still

You linger. You linger still.

You linger in the quiet, in the hush, in the velvet shadows of this sultry night, in the silvery glow of the moon, in the fine beads prickling my skin, in the delicate fingers tracing the body of your once incendiary desire, in the whisper, the whimper, in the cry, in the bloom of my lips, the tingling of my tongue, the breasts creamy and fair, the nipples of the softest pink, in the peaks of the darkest crimson reaching out for your sweet kiss, in the sensual sway of my hips as I ease away the cotton, the lace, the silk sodden with my deep, demanding feminine lust.

You linger. You linger still.

You linger in the noise, in the riot, in the late summer storm, in the lightning cracking its whip, in the blood thudding, pumping through these veins, in the bright glistening cunt aching, longing, yearning for your perfecting flesh, in the cries, in the moans as my passion climbs its way to you, as it finds you, as you find me, as you come back to me, your body under me, your hard thick uncut cock impaled inside my clutching sex, this fine back arching, my hands seizing, giving, committing to memory the masculinity, the man who invariably leaves me weak, our bodies gliding, our bodies grinding, your own hands touching, possessing, reaching up to stifle, to bind, to free the screams of our darkest carnal pleasure.

You linger. You linger still.

You linger in the here, in the now, you linger and take me, you linger and claim me, with the slightest word, with the smallest gesture, with the voice, the breath mellifluous, reaching out from across the sea, from the other side, from this room of our own, your body my shelter, your desire my home.


Tired. Tired. I’m so tired. I’m so tired I can’t think. I can’t think what food to eat, which clothes to wear, the way I should tie or place or set my hair. I’m so tired the banality of my day, the must-dos flooding my brain, leave me exhausted, in a whir.

And yet, I know if you were here, if I was there, if our bodies were together enveloped in this darkness, if our bodies were together cosseted away from the cold, hard, howling wind, if our bodies were together pressed in close, pressed in tight, if we were together you would revive me, you would bring me back to the light, the touch of your skin breathing in new life, your deep, sensual kiss calling to the passion never far from this fair surface, your hands travelling up the length of my naked back, your hand nestling intimately between these vulnerable blades, your hand, your fingers weaving through the curls at my nape, your lips whispering my name, moaning your desire, your thick hard cock filling me, feeding me, fucking me, wanting me, loving me, showing me the way.

In Thoughts and Dreams and Waking

You are with me, in thoughts and dreams and waking, in the tender darkness where I can whisper the truth of this desire to the phantoms of the night, in the harsh glare of the light where I tuck it away inside this ever-longing body for safe keeping.

You are with me, in thoughts and dreams and waking, the blur of memory, the merest reverie setting my femininity, my sensuality alight, my hands instinctively shedding the innocence of white cotton, my fingers teasing this skin, this smoothness, this freckled fairness, this flesh reaching out to the space beside me where you belong, reaching out to the void your intensely masculine body should fill and love and live.

You are with me, in thoughts and dreams and waking, my lips longing to spend and revive with their sweetness and their danger, my legs yearning to wrap themselves around this man so tight, my body wanting, my body needing the breath, the beat, the caress of your unique flesh, my cunt wanting, my cunt needing the kiss of your perfection, the thick hard glorious invasion.

You are with me, in thoughts and dreams and waking, this body electric unwilling, unable to forget.


He climbs on-board and sits down next to me, as he always does if the seat vacant, as I invariably hope he will.

I wish him there every morning as we spy one another on the 7:25 through the big picture windows of the crowded weekday bus. I wish him there beside me, wanting to feel the warmth radiating from his masculine and clearly disciplined body, wanting to inhale the mix of his skin and the cologne on his freshly shaved face, wanting to break all social barriers and wind my fingers around his nape, drawing him close to these lips, to the scarlet kiss yearning to brand that soft spot on his neck.

I wish him there just as I wish him in my bed, just as I wish him to arrive at my door and without a single word to seize and possess me, to make me his, to tear these clothes from my body, his hands tracing the line from my neck to my breasts to the flare of my hips, his hands running up the length of my calves to these creamy, supple thighs, his hands taking hold, splaying me wide on the hard, polished floor, holding me open to his gaze, to the gaze burning to see my bright gleaming flesh, to see the glisten dripping from these honeyed lips, to the mouth hungry to feast, to the cock needing the embrace of my sweet hot clutching cunt.

I wish him there, I wish him here. And as I do you appear before me, you come back to me, erasing him, becoming him, your voice and face and body replacing, sating my sensual longings, my primal greed unlike any other man, unlike any other, stranger or known, your dark eyes meeting mine, your beard leaving the lover’s trace on my skin fair, on my passion vulnerable, your kiss, your kiss, your kiss, the kiss of your lips, the hot kiss of your skin, the kiss of perfection from your thick hard uncut flesh, your kiss, your kiss, your kiss, the kiss of our bodies as we fuck and grind and ride and plunge headlong into this familiar and unique bliss.