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The Blazon of Sin

The number 11 is the blazon of sin.
– St Augustine


A master number.
The smallest prime.
Two proud figures standing freely and together.
The brazen exhibition of excess, extravagance, desire and sin.


My lucky number.
The prime space responsible for my sexual and creative liberation.
The breathtaking placement of Love Hate Sex Cake on the Top 100 Sex Blogs 2017.


To admit I’m surprised and delighted at my appearance on the Top 100 Sex Blogs 2017 at such a privileged position is something of an understatement. To find myself listed at my lucky #11 and among the most gloriously talented company of sex bloggers, erotica writers and sensual and sinful photographers once again is a dream. This time round, I have chosen to celebrate that dream and pay homage to this complex number in the way I know best – with brazenness, with excess, with sin.

To the devoted and talented Molly Moore from Molly’s Daily Kiss and her partner in life and delicious D/s crime, Signs from This D/s Life, my gratitude and thanks for their tireless work and this generous recognition. I feel my inclusion all the more humbling, all the more poignant, in my eighth year in this space.

My heartfelt thanks also to you – my friends and readers – for your generosity and time, for the engagement and comments and nominations. Your continued presence and unwavering belief in my words and photography means more than these little words can adequately express.

On the subject of writing, head over to Molly’s Daily Kiss to view the entire list and revel in the achievements of those we admire and adore and delight in the discovery of the new talents, faces and voices we are all sure to love.

~Minx x


A word. A breath. An intonation.

A similarity so slight most would barely rate it a thought or mention.

But for this woman, every hint, every likeness, every resemblance is a trigger, a spark, an enabler that leads me back to the voice unforgotten, to the accented utterance of my name by the man kneeling at my feet, his mouth pressed into the molten fire of my cunt, each ravenous flicker and devouring kiss driving my desire and body and the pleas falling from these lips to the edge, the brink, our precipice.

True Intentions

When your gaze finds me, travels along my naked and yielding body, the flesh arched and aching and hungry only for you, what does it see?

What do you see?

Do you see a woman worthy of the lips that speak your true intentions?

A being in step with the intensity of your complex passion?

Do you glimpse in her the free spirit also in need of your arms and their embrace, the skin and heat that feel and taste just like home?

A body, a soul, a mind, a heart, a sweet and wanton cunt deserving of your sensual kiss, your ragged breath, the cock, the thrusts, the grip, the molten come that will mark her indelibly as yours?