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She vows it will be the last. She vows and promises it will be her final hit as she plugs herself into the slim silver box nestled in her palm, her body resting gently against the window of the crowded bus, the landscape a blur of rose-tinted shopfronts, flickering neon lights and a beeline of traffic winging its way homeward.

With the lightest touch of her delicate finger, the cable of pure white cocoons her in the voice deep and accented, transporting her to his room where he is lying in bed naked, his cock oiled and very hard, his hand stroking the flesh that has been aroused by her body, by the woman, by the desiring eyes captured for him and him alone, by the need to feel her warm skin, his fingers gliding and moving, registering the transition from lace to nylon to her soft and yielding flesh, by the overwhelming urge to fill her, fuck her, to come deep, deep inside her, the walls of her velvet heat absorbing every last drop of his seed.

And even though her face betrays very little, the only movement her eyes, darting and snatching the odd detail as the vehicle picks up speed, her body screams and shouts, riots, the blush blooming on her fair skin, the prickling mist merging with her perfume, the black silk triangle fusing to her cunt with each beat of its slick and needy rhythm, the full mouth involuntarily parting, the pink lips even now aching to swallow the ragged breath, the groan, the very essence of the man half a world away.

Wav(e) of Desire

Into the slim silver box nestled lightly in her palm, she whispers her desire for him, breathing the heat of her need into his ear at an almost painful remove.

Delicate fingers now teasing electrified flesh, she shivers through the words, through the primal need to taste him, to devour his flesh, to tease her clitoris with his cockhead, to cover him in her scorching arousal, to open herself so wide her body might break, to feel his hard, thick cock stretch and fill and fuck her until she screams, until her nails rake his muscular back, until his pounding hips brand her creamy thighs, until their lips reach out for the fiery kiss, until their merged bodies are bathed in the passion all-consuming.