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The clock strikes eight
and the temptress in me rises
your allumeuse arched, awaiting
our sensual and carnal exploration.


Another year has somehow flown by and I’m here again marking the beginnings of Love Hate Sex Cake – a space that has granted me the freedom of erotic and emotional expression, a virtual home that has enriched my desire and creativity beyond my wildest imaginings.

While 2017 has been marked as another period of sporadic posting, I am truly thankful for my muse and the moments of inspiration that – I hope continue to – breathe life and give voice to the force of my sexuality and the intensity of my passion.

Eight years has seen many a change in the sex blogging landscape, but the one constant that never fails to leave me grateful and humbled is you – my friends and readers. It is your time, your gaze, your communion with the prose and portraiture, these sighs and syllables, the frames and tones, these shadows and illuminations, that has encouraged me to push boundaries, that has sharpened my senses, that has enriched this woman and this place.

~Minx x


but not out,
still hanging on.


Yesterday was something of an oddity for me.

For the first time since the inception of Love Hate Sex Cake seven years ago, I genuinely didn’t feel its anniversary worth marking or celebrating. Lately, I’ve been musing about its quality, its purpose, my creative and sexual drive, and whether this site will be anything more than the repository of the yearning I feel each and every day. Much like the woman before you. A body that houses a craving for more – for intimacy, connection, love and passion, for the erotic fusion of mind, body and soul.

And yet here I am observing its beginnings once again, but mostly to extend my heartfelt thanks and gratitude for your unerring support and your communion with the words and imagery during a year of sporadic posting and diminished time and inspiration. Language will never quite express how much it means to me. The ability to touch, to inspire, to soothe, to excite, through whispers and cries, through pixels and light, through shadow and colour and monochrome tones is one I will never take for granted.

~Minx x


167_SixLet me come to you
In amethyst dreams
Take you by the hand
Tease your ever craving flesh
Lead you into decadent temptation


To my readers, friends and muses, my heartfelt thanks and gratitude for your unerring support,
your dazzling inspiration, your communion with the words and imagery,
for the glorious gifts you continually bestow upon me.

Thank you all for a truly memorable six years.

~Minx x


134_CinqMove in close
Press your pulse to my lips
Feel the heat of my whispers
The five sighs of this pleasure


To my readers, friends and muses, my sincerest and heartfelt thanks and gratitude for your unerring support, your glittering inspiration, your communion with the words and imagery,
for the glorious gifts you continually bestow upon me.

Thank you all for a truly unforgettable five years.

~Minx x



For you
On this day of


 To my readers, friends and muses, to those close to my heart, to the ones of sheer and dazzling inspiration, it is your presence, your gaze that truly completes this picture, the final piece in the puzzle, in the images and words and the tangle of thoughts launched on a sultry spring day four years ago. My heartfelt thanks and gratitude for your communion, affection and unerring support, for the glorious gifts you bestow upon this very fortunate harbour city girl.

 ~Minx x



Once you find me
Once your gaze settles to rest
Once you reach out to seduce
With an aching lightness
Time and space no longer exist
The distance between us closes in
And my secrets are forever yours


To my readers, friends and lovers, to the men and women and muses, who have inspired me with pen and lens, who have encouraged the expression of my simplicity and complexity, who have opened my mind, body and heart in ways I have only dared to imagine, my heartfelt thanks and gratitude for your warmth, your affection, your enduring support and an unforgettable three years.

~Minx x



Your gaze
Your thoughts
Your presence
They feed and sustain me
They bathe this flesh
In the sensual
In the haze, the lilac glow

To my readers, to my friends, to my lovers, past and present, who have inspired the word
and the image, who have taken my heart, mind and body to the craved, the unimagined,
thank you for your enduring support and a memorable two years.

 ~Minx x

HNT: I Shed the Veil

I shed the veil
Of the past, of the wounds, of the limits that once contained me

 I shed the veil
Through the word, through the deed, through the expression of my desire

I shed the veil
To embrace the mind and the body, to enfold the woman rising up inside me

I shed the veil
From this skin, from this flesh, for the man I crave to kiss and hold and taste

I shed the veil
Every moment, every day, every month of this past year

I shed the veil
For me, you, for us, my lone and collective witness

 I shed the veil
On the femme, on the vamp, on the minx, cheeky, dark and light

 I shed the veil
I shed my veil
And at long last
I am released, recovered, reborn


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