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Summer’s Love Child

I have always been more than simply woman.

I am – and forever will be – a creature born in the last throes, at the close of days, weeks, months of blistering fire and overwhelming heat.

I am summer’s love child.

With the flavour of the sun in my flesh, with the dawn and dusk indelibly etched on my skin, with its wanton passion, its sensual caress in the curve of my hip, in the breath between my lips, with its sultry nights and lustful promises deep in my bones, flowing through my veins.



Imagine taking a chance – risking it all – on a woman like me.

A woman whose desire for you burns through the years, reduces thousands of miles to inches with the sultry utterance of your name.

A woman whose delicate frame arcs as your breath meets her skin, whose intimate flesh gleams with sensual hunger and carnal yearning as you bring her to life each day with your dawn kiss.

A woman who aches for the man in his entirety, who longs for his curiosity, the mystery, the knowing, the complexity, the mess, their fusion and untamed, erotic depths.

I wonder if your imaginings would dare conjure such a creature, if they would scream for fantasy to give birth to a new reality, if they would allow time and space and fate and fortune to bend, break, meet.

If they could inspire your hands to reach out, to gift her with the touch you can no longer bear to keep to yourself.


but not out,
still hanging on.


Yesterday was something of an oddity for me.

For the first time since the inception of Love Hate Sex Cake seven years ago, I genuinely didn’t feel its anniversary worth marking or celebrating. Lately, I’ve been musing about its quality, its purpose, my creative and sexual drive, and whether this site will be anything more than the repository of the yearning I feel each and every day. Much like the woman before you. A body that houses a craving for more – for intimacy, connection, love and passion, for the erotic fusion of mind, body and soul.

And yet here I am observing its beginnings once again, but mostly to extend my heartfelt thanks and gratitude for your unerring support and your communion with the words and imagery during a year of sporadic posting and diminished time and inspiration. Language will never quite express how much it means to me. The ability to touch, to inspire, to soothe, to excite, through whispers and cries, through pixels and light, through shadow and colour and monochrome tones is one I will never take for granted.

~Minx x


167_SixLet me come to you
In amethyst dreams
Take you by the hand
Tease your ever craving flesh
Lead you into decadent temptation


To my readers, friends and muses, my heartfelt thanks and gratitude for your unerring support,
your dazzling inspiration, your communion with the words and imagery,
for the glorious gifts you continually bestow upon me.

Thank you all for a truly memorable six years.

~Minx x

The Smile

It is her smile that invites him.

It is the slight curve of her sensuous mouth, almost sweet and unassuming at first. It is the way it drifts up to her eyes, delicately creasing their corners, betraying her intensifying desire. It is the way it both illuminates and clouds her face as her gaze travels approvingly the length of his strong, lean body, as it finally recognises the hunger of his own need.

Yes, it is her smile.

And then slowly, just as softly, it is the parting of her thighs, the gleam of the sheer nylon under the violence of fluorescence, the heat and the wetness and the pungency of the lust he can sense even now dripping from her sex as he sits quietly on the opposite side of the boardroom, his cock thickening and hardening and leaking, out of sight and underneath the oversized mahogany table, at the vision of his fingers shredding with practiced ease the damp gusset of the pantyhose in preparation of her violation.

Yes, it is her smile that he meets once more as the temptress taunts him over her shoulder, her buttocks grinding into his shaft, silently challenging him to take her then and there on every surface of the now emptied office. It is her wanton smile that he kisses roughly off her lips once he turns her slight frame to face him, as he pushes up the trailing hem of her skirt to place his cock between the cunt lips pouting with lascivious greed through the ragged opening, before plunging himself selfishly into her clutching velvet depths in one slick, throbbing, measured stroke.

Yes. It is her smile, the one now completely overtaken by the ecstasy etched on her face, the pink, lustrous mouth grasping for his name and for breath, the fine hands clawing at the brick wall as he fucks her with hard and decisive thrusts from behind, as possesses her tight little cunt for the third time that night, metres from the bustling crowd in the shadows of the city alleyway.


77_troubleFrom the moment his eyes fell upon her, he knew.

From the moment the heady blend of her scent and perfume overwhelmed the room, the very air he drew deeply into his lungs, her clear yet provocative gaze holding his as introductions were swiftly dispensed, her full, wanton lips unsealing themselves initially with a sultry sigh before she casually spoke her greeting and his name, from the moment she shook his hand with a firmness at odds with the sensual eroticism of the parting gesture that saw the slender forefinger of her delicate hand trail its way from the centre of his palm to the fleshy tip of his middle digit, eager to electrify his body, reluctant to break away from his strength and his touch, he knew.

He knew she was nothing but trouble.

She was the kind of trouble he had conjured in his daylight reverie and those visions he couldn’t help but indulge as his hard cock ached during the long and lonely night, his unfulfilled fantasies coming to vivid, sensate life to create an insatiable ideal, a truly rapacious woman whose passions would rival and ultimately overshadow his own, whose hunger and cock lust tore at her slight body as the clock struck his hour of the wolf, compelling her to wildly caress the naked gleam of her skin, to clutch at her pert breasts, to tease open her lips and sink two fingers into her sodden cunt so deep she cried out like an anguished animal in the dark.

Now as she stands before him, her back pressed hard into the office wall, her aroused nipples spot lit in the afternoon sun in a way that leaves him craving to take each into his mouth and kiss and lick and suckle until she finds herself prematurely on pleasure’s edge, he wants and needs everything, every single desire rushing through his mind, plucking at his ravenous body, he wants and needs everything and nothing more than to slide himself selfishly into her clutching velvet depths, to fuck her hard and fast against the cold stucco with her legs wrapped tight around his waist until she screams his name, to cover her entire naked body in kisses light and playful, forceful and bruising, to make love to her with a sensuousness that will curve her supple form into an ecstatic arc, that will leave her breathlessly shivering for more, to have her come hotly over of his naked cock, to scorch his glans with her lust, to stain the suiting as a reminder of her presence in the here and now, he wants and needs nothing more than to relinquish all control, to damn caution and consequence.

And so he does just that.

With his throbbing shaft in hand, he slowly closes the space between them, each step surrendering him to the trouble completely.