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Once Upon A Time

158_Once Upon A TimeOnce upon a time, his gaze studied every inch of my fair body, as if it were a wonder born in a bygone era, a curiosity fashioned from canvas and brushstrokes and oils, worthy of the gallery wall, the hungry crowd, deserving of his centre stage.

Once upon a time, his hands roamed with passion, urgency and fervour, as if these curves were chiselled from cold and unyielding marble, this skin and flesh brought to fiery life by desire and her sculptor, softening under his touch, melting on his lips and tongue, reaching and begging for his own thick hard need to claim them.

Once upon a time, he yearned to feel, devour, remember, the woman beyond this creation, the being beyond mere pixels on the screen.

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The Dream

He is the dream.

He’s that dream.

The one that wakes you from the deepest sleep at three a.m.

Some nights, with nothing more than a lone finger. Tenderly running the length of your naked body as your breath is soft and sweet and easy. Tracing the contour of your delicate spine with its trembling tip as you lie on the side of the dark and your delicate heart beats in time with each whispered word, with every memory, with the intensity of his yearning and his sensual kiss.

And on others, with the carnal need and insistence that electrifies your very soul. The hands that prise you apart then prize you, stroking the pearl of your pleasure until your thighs shiver and splay, until your glistening cunt silently calls and begs for his perfecting flesh. The mouth pressed into your ear as he fingers your tight, wet heat. The ravenous tongue circling each rising peak of your breast as his weight bears down upon you and he finally eases his hard thickness inside you to the hilt, filling you so completely you both cry out in ecstatic anguish, shattering indelibly the stillness of the night.

He is the dream.

He’s that dream.

The one my mind and body refuse to release, to erase, to forget.