Think of my cock, deep, pulsing nakedly, marking you.”

Do you know or even sense that I can think of little else?

Can you feel the way my body aches at the mere suggestion of your naked flesh, nothing between us, the promise of our fusion, the primal hunger for your seed filling my cunt, dripping from my womb, streaked hotly across my lips and tongue and blushing skin?

Do you know or even sense how I crave you and this possession as no other?

Can you see the need that wrenches me from the peace of my sleep and dreaming, forcing me to prematurely greet the day, spreading my thighs, arching my back, leading my hands to impatiently and crudely tug at the satins, the silks, the laces, my bare need exposed, my luscious sex gaping, desperate for the completing thrust of your hard, thick cock?

Do you know or even sense that this one thought, these nine words, have overtaken my erotic imagination and yearning so absolutely?

  1. Ben 2016.12.16 7:30am

    You know me far far too well, my dear Minx, far too well …

  2. Advizor54 2016.12.16 7:33am

    So much wanting, so little satisfaction.

    • Cheeky Minx 2017.01.02 5:14pm

      I think a lack of passionate desire would be a far greater tragedy…

  3. John Brownstone 2016.12.16 8:47am

    Your photo, those words has ignited a fierce flame

    • Cheeky Minx 2017.01.02 5:15pm

      You know how I enjoy playing with fire, JB…

  4. Camille 2016.12.16 11:41am

    You look breathtaking here, love, and your words are aching! ~C

  5. Osbasso 2016.12.17 1:33am

    I’ve been thinking this about you for well beyond the seven years you’ve been here…

    • Cheeky Minx 2017.01.02 5:18pm

      Even prior to the creation of this minx? 😉

  6. jim sedrut 2016.12.17 8:43am

    LOVE :)))))))))))

  7. Rush 2016.12.19 6:17am


  8. Rajesh 2016.12.21 10:05pm

    Very sensual and erotic!!! Want to see more

  9. diirrty 2016.12.24 5:06pm

    a fine display of words tangled with your image. it’s a welcome return for me, to you.

  10. Ember 2017.01.07 4:19pm

    Oh my… the things you make me imagine, Minx (blush) xo

    • Cheeky Minx 2017.01.26 5:49pm

      Well, you know just how I enjoy making you imagine and blush, Ember… 😉