but not out,
still hanging on.


Yesterday was something of an oddity for me.

For the first time since the inception of Love Hate Sex Cake seven years ago, I genuinely didn’t feel its anniversary worth marking or celebrating. Lately, I’ve been musing about its quality, its purpose, my creative and sexual drive, and whether this site will be anything more than the repository of the yearning I feel each and every day. Much like the woman before you. A body that houses a craving for more – for intimacy, connection, love and passion, for the erotic fusion of mind, body and soul.

And yet here I am observing its beginnings once again, but mostly to extend my heartfelt thanks and gratitude for your unerring support and your communion with the words and imagery during a year of sporadic posting and diminished time and inspiration. Language will never quite express how much it means to me. The ability to touch, to inspire, to soothe, to excite, through whispers and cries, through pixels and light, through shadow and colour and monochrome tones is one I will never take for granted.

~Minx x

  1. John Brownstone 2016.11.04 7:30am

    Minx, it has been an honor to follow you along your journey of passion and desire. The glimpse you give us into your soul is beautiful and touching on many levels. It stirs the yearning in us all.
    Thank you for sharing that and yourself with us your followers.
    Always endeared to you JB

    • jim sedrut 2016.11.04 9:03am

      Such beautiful comments. Love the support everyone gives.
      Thanks for sharing:)))))))))))))

      • Cheeky Minx 2016.11.20 11:54am

        I’m a very lucky woman to be on the receiving end of such incredible praise, jim…

    • obsessed 2016.11.04 10:32am

      here here!!

    • Cheeky Minx 2016.11.20 11:53am

      In all honesty, it is my gratitude that’s called for and required here, JB.

      This would be a lonely and less dynamic space without your constant and generous support. Thank you for your graceful words and friendship…

  2. Edward 2016.11.04 7:37am

    I am always happy that I’ve found you, found this place, and I understand the sinking feeling as well. If I were in your shoes, if I could have made a different choice years ago, I would hold on, not let this passion fall to the wayside. It is hard ever finding it again, even when the yearning is achingly needing.
    I thank you, once again, for reminding me of how powerful and intimate it can be to share so much of oneself.

    • Cheeky Minx 2016.11.20 1:10pm

      Your own extremely generous words and thoughts also serve as a cue to me, Edward. While I never take this sharing – nor the incredible engagement people continue to lavish upon me seven years down the track – for granted, I often lose sight of the force you speak of.

      Thank you for the reminder that my work, no matter how sporadic this year, continues to evoke the passion I feel, even, or especially, when I doubt it.

  3. Nick 2016.11.04 8:10am

    I came to it late (for once) 🙂

    Your site is a box of sexy delights. Witty, intelligent, thought provoking. Wonderfully sensual images and lovely words. Always a fabulous Minx.

    • Cheeky Minx 2016.11.20 1:14pm

      At least you’ve managed to come, right? 😉

      I’m so touched by your amazingly generous thoughts and praise, Nick, not merely on this post but on every single image and word I’ve been posting…

  4. Jack (and Jill) 2016.11.04 8:50am

    Happy Anniversary, Minx. I feel so lucky to know you.

  5. Tabitha Rayne 2016.11.04 8:56am

    Oh my gosh! Your posts are always so beautiful – words and pictures – I probably don’t say it enough x x x
    This photo is amazing

    • Cheeky Minx 2016.11.20 1:29pm

      Thank you so much, lovely! This is high praise and a wonderful reminder from an artist and writer I genuinely admire. I don’t say that often enough either… xox

  6. Camille 2016.11.04 10:32am

    We know exactly what you mean, regarding the ebbs and flows of inspiration and enthusiasm for the blog. Please know that your beauty and skill and erotic sensibilities are motivators for us, with every post you make! ~C

    • jim sedrut 2016.11.04 10:35am

      Lots of LOVE coming your way :)))))))))))))))))

      • Cheeky Minx 2016.11.20 5:53pm

        I’m very lucky in that regard, Jim… 🙂

    • Cheeky Minx 2016.11.20 2:27pm

      I know I’m not alone on that score and now I feel less lonely and saddened by the lack of inspiration since I’m in such glorious company, Camille. You are both a source of inspiration for me as well – every post leaves my breath taken clear away and marvelling and rejoicing in your passionate and sensual connection…

  7. Osbasso 2016.11.04 11:18am

    Formulating my words…

    • Osbasso 2016.11.12 5:49pm

      Didn’t have a whole lot of luck, obviously…

      • Cheeky Minx 2016.11.20 1:14pm

        Your speechlessness is high praise for me, Os…

  8. Elliott Henry 2016.11.04 1:00pm

    Well, I’m going to say ‘Happy Seventh!’, Minx. I do enjoy your posts… you will find inspiration again.

  9. Ember 2016.11.04 8:28pm

    I feel you, love. Hang on. xoxo

    • Cheeky Minx 2016.11.20 2:29pm

      My grip is now all the stronger thanks to your encouragement, lovely. xo

  10. The Panserbjorne 2016.11.05 12:38am

    I, for one, hope that you will never stop. I’ve been privileged to watch you grow as a photographer and a writer in the seven years you’ve been doing this and although I may not comment as often as I once did, I’m always delighted to see new content from you.

    Happy seventh anniversary. You know my email if you ever need to talk. 🙂

    — PB

    • Cheeky Minx 2016.11.20 4:52pm

      Thank you for the kind offer and your unwavering support and friendship, PB.

      Reflecting on the last seven years, I credit my continued presence here through the more difficult moments to the support of writers and creators like you. I have a strong sense I would have thrown in the towel(ling robe) long if the connections forged here weren’t strong, complex and enriching.

  11. Innocent Loverboy 2016.11.06 2:02am

    Another opportunity to give you a periodic reminder that I love the stuff you do.

    Whatever you do from now on, there will always be an audience for it.

    • Cheeky Minx 2016.11.20 4:57pm

      Your confidence in me and my abilities is truly humbling, IL.

      Thank you for taking the time to drop by and gift me with such wonderful words.

  12. Bhp 2016.11.07 4:15am

    CM.. Through your creativity and art, your mastery of word and light, your honest and open dialogue, your self exposition and boundless intense beauty…. you manage effortlesslessy to challenge, provoke, inspire and arouse worlds in me like no other.
    There never will be another. So please, carry on.

    Joyeux anniversaire!

    • jim sedrut 2016.11.08 6:19am


    • Cheeky Minx 2016.11.20 5:48pm

      Bhp… I realise I have said this before but the sentiment calls to be repeated: I am truly humbled and fortunate that you think me so very unique and worthy of your time, connection and thoughts after so many years. If I can keep enticing a man like you, then clearly my formula is a winning one.

      I can’t thank you enough for your support, your friendship, your praise. I am blushing and smiling wickedly at the thought that I can provoke, inspire and arouse you at such a great distance.

      On that note, I will promise to keep on keeping on from my side of the globe, for at least another year…

  13. Pete Symes 2016.11.15 4:14am

    Finding this gem has me believing seven is indeed a lucky number. But now delight has been served as a side-order of such luck.

    • Cheeky Minx 2016.11.20 5:52pm

      The luck and pleasure is all mine to have to have you here for this special occasion, Pete.

      Thank you so much for the generous praise…

  14. sensuelle 2016.11.19 6:18am

    I’ve not been on for a while Minx (been having my own issues). I feel I understand where you’re coming from but none of us can really KNOW. You are a wonderful, sexy and inspiring woman and I hope you find what you want and need.

    Meanwhile THANK YOU for the last 7 years and sharing your ‘journey’ (would prefer to use another word but am lost for one!) – I hope you don’t completely abandon this blog but only post when YOU want to!

    Sending love and hugs xxx

    • Cheeky Minx 2016.11.20 6:06pm

      My dear Sensuelle, you’re a sight for sore eyes…

      It pains me to hear that you’re having problems of your own. I wish for you only the very best. But I am so glad to see you here once again, so very touched to have you encouraging me once more.

      I don’t see complete abandonment of this space; it’s been too important a journey (I’m at a loss for a more appropriate term too!), too vital an expression of my sensuality, wantonness and eroticism to walk away. Perhaps a rethink is in order.

      Please feel free to stop by any time or drop me line – I’m always here for you. xox

  15. Jim serdut 2016.11.20 11:43pm

    Such a love fest of words and heart ! Beautiful :))

  16. Jim serdut 2016.11.20 11:44pm

    Sensational sharing by all..

  17. the late phoenix 2016.11.22 4:22am

    I feel ya, my beautiful. on my end it’s been rushed creativity, the block around the corner, and the end of the world. I’m tired all the time. probably doesn’t help that I get 3 hours of sleep a night. 3 in this case is not lucky. the only way this works is if we go back to 48-hour days. here’s to seven years of your luscious art. seven is a lucky number, we’ll get through this :*

    • Cheeky Minx 2016.11.27 8:49pm

      Oh, you always know how to make me smile, gorgeous phoenix.

      Yes, we’ll get through this. Mostly with a dizzying amount of naked photos, I suspect… 😉

  18. Waz 2016.12.01 12:05pm

    Your beauty has not faded, your photographs are just as inspiring, you bring joy to the hearts of so many ‘lost’ souls. I do hope you continue on with your ‘life’s quest’ but we shall all understand and support you in what ever you decide. Your current feeling are only natural and those of us out here in ‘web land’ cannot hope to fully understand your situation all we can do is wish you the best……and hope that we may be allowed to share whatever endeavor you decide to pursue……..xxxx