Indecent Proposal

198_indecent-proposalThere are a number we could explore.

If you’re in need of ideas, my mind and body can easily conjure a few (thousand) tempting suggestions.

But there’s one wickedly, decadent proposition I have in mind.

One that involves your indecently ravenous hands and fingers…

You see, I need you to grasp and trace and tap and click because voting season is here once again.

The Top 100 Sex Blogs, originally created by the gorgeous Sweet Rori from Between My Sheets, is being judged and compiled for the second consecutive year by the tireless, generous and talented Molly Moore from Molly’s Daily Kiss (and her partner in life and delicious D/s crime, Signs from This D/s Life). With Molly’s call closing 1 November 2016, you have a whisper over four weeks to consider all of your sex blogging favourites. You can find the list of mine on my ‘Links’ page.

If you’ve enjoyed anything or all that’s been on offer here this year, I would greatly appreciate a show of support.

This month, the lovely folks over at Kinkly are also calling for your Sex Blogging Superhero votes. The rules are slightly different this year, with only blogs receiving more than five votes being considered for the list. You have until 9 October 2016 to get clicking and spread the love for all you enjoy.

If you’d like to slip in your ballot for my cake, this masked minx will be all blushing smiles and swoons knowing she has provided you with a little joy.

And since I always take pleasure in icing my cake, sweetening the deal and baring my… gratitude… for any kind and attentive gesture, I thought a new autoportrait was in order.

In the meantime, you have my warmest thanks in advance, sweet, sexy, pretty things…

~Minx x

  1. Nick 2016.10.03 6:49pm

    Another gorgeously sexy photo. You are a sexy superstar 🙂 voting done.

    • Cheeky Minx 2016.10.08 6:40pm

      On both counts – and for your unerring generosity – you have my most heartfelt thanks, Nick…

  2. John Brownstone 2016.10.03 8:55pm

    I have nominated you on Molly’s and cast a vote in your direction on Kinkly.

    Now about that proposal as your photo conjures SO many thoughts of the indecent (or are they) kind.

    • Cheeky Minx 2016.10.08 6:59pm

      You are always so incredibly kind. Thank you for your votes (of confidence), JB.

      As for the indecent thoughts inspired by my photo… Let’s just say I was hoping that would be the case…

  3. the late phoenix 2016.10.04 2:34am

    but my beautiful, there is no competition, you are always #1 every year. it’s like when Michael Jordan was playing and getting the MVP award every year cos, well, he’s Jordan and they started to give the award out to other players only cos they felt bad for them even though clearly Jordan deserved it every single year. you are the Michael Jordan of sex! :*

    • Cheeky Minx 2016.10.08 7:01pm

      Little ole me the MJ of sex?!

      My day is officially made, gorgeous phoenix… 🙂

  4. Camille 2016.10.04 4:58am

    Wonderful pose, lovely! And flawless details, as usual. 🙂 Holden, I’m sure, will be particularly happy to see your legs and feet in full… ~C

    • Cheeky Minx 2016.10.08 7:04pm

      Would he? That’s very good to know.

      Thank you again for making me blush and swoon and… 😉

  5. ian 2016.10.04 5:51pm

    I love monochrome. This photo is sublime. Thank you 🙂

    • Cheeky Minx 2016.10.08 7:05pm

      No, thank you for the wonderful praise, Ian…

  6. Ember 2016.10.06 4:22am

    You own my votes all the way, gorgeous. ♡

    • Cheeky Minx 2016.10.08 7:08pm

      I’ve never been more touched or flattered. Thank you, lovely… xox