135_PathwaysWatching the rays of fading light on my glistening body, I see only pathways made for your palms and fingers, I see only the silhouette that belongs in the grip of your strong hands, the sensual trail yearning for your kiss, your prints, your markings, the scarlet violence dripping, crying, begging for your groans, your thrusts, your ravenous cock, our carnal devastation.

  1. osbasso 2014.11.14 1:46am

    Ah, what to do when I get to the fork in the road??? Decisions, decisions…

    • Cheeky Minx 2014.11.16 3:38pm

      I have no doubt you’ll think of something deliciously appropriate…

  2. obsessed 2014.11.14 4:32am

    “carnal devastation”

    devastating….an extremely apt word……. and you never fail to devastate me minx….. oh the things…….. xxxx

    • Cheeky Minx 2014.11.16 3:40pm

      It seems we’re on the same page yet again.

      Bring on the devastation… 😉

  3. the late phoenix 2014.11.14 6:26am

    i always slurp up your shadowplay, my beautiful. silhouette me away! :*

    • Cheeky Minx 2014.11.16 3:43pm

      Slurping in the dark is seriously delectable fun. Now, where’s that light switch? 😉

  4. Ember 2014.11.14 12:51pm

    A luscious, wicked pathway to carnal devastation… any man’s dream… and a woman’s perfection…

    • Cheeky Minx 2014.11.16 4:07pm

      Your words leave me swooning every single time, my lovely…

  5. John Brownstone 2014.11.14 1:32pm

    No light is needed to follow your pristine path of beauty.

    • Cheeky Minx 2014.11.16 4:12pm

      Draped in shadows, I anticipate your arrival, your touch, your discovery…

  6. Ian 2014.11.14 10:40pm

    Stunning as always.

    • Cheeky Minx 2014.11.16 4:13pm

      I’m touched you think so, Ian – thank you…

  7. Ripley 2014.11.18 10:53pm

    Simply gorgeous. You are exquisite. You excite my hunger & make me ravenous for release. Come, stroll with me through the gardens of our sensual imaginations.

    • Cheeky Minx 2014.11.19 8:18pm

      I’ve strapped on my highest midnight stilettos. Let’s take that walk on the wild, sensual side…

  8. Jack (and Jill) 2014.11.19 9:14am

    I cannot adequately express how arousing this shot it. As always, the visual coupled with your chosen words is overall unbelievably erotic.

    • Cheeky Minx 2014.11.19 8:27pm

      If your aim was to leave me swooning, blushing and wickedly grinning, consider your mission complete, Jack…

  9. Mike 2014.11.20 3:56am



    • Cheeky Minx 2014.11.23 8:57pm

      Thank you for the goofy grin playing upon my lips, Mike…

  10. Ben 2014.11.20 4:02pm

    Minx, can I put it more simply than this: I want you.


    • Cheeky Minx 2014.11.23 8:58pm

      You certainly know how to make this minx swoon and blush, Ben…

  11. Bhp 2014.11.26 10:10am

    Nice of you to provide some additional guidance dear Minx.
    I’ve been beating my own pathway to your door for years now.
    ..Without even leaving the house!

    • Cheeky Minx 2014.12.01 3:04pm

      And for that I’m eternally grateful, Bhp!