The Lure of (His) Darkness

127_The Lure of His DarknessHe told me I wouldn’t want his dark side.

The ravenous, rapacious man. The intensely driven one. The jealous, covetous him.

He’s never been more wrong.

For what he doesn’t fathom, the very thing he refuses to believe, is that I ache for just such a man, hunger like the starved always for him, for the man who cannot bear to share me with another, who craves to possess all I am as woman for himself alone, who needs to overwhelm in turn each one of my senses, who desires nothing more than my body and soul unravelled by his decadent dominance, bewitched by the lightness of his touch, who gazes deep into my clear eyes and recognises a kindred darkness, the one fearless in the face of the carnal cravings screaming silently beneath, the one who anoints me as his queen and lover, his cock whore and beloved with his fiery seed in my cunt and womb, with his name penned in our come on my lily-white skin, with the voracious tongue raked along my sodden cleft, with the thick hard flesh of the beast claiming, fucking, ruining for all others the desire and succulence of my sex.

  1. Mike 2014.08.21 11:32pm

    OMG! These words work on me


    • Cheeky Minx 2014.08.23 3:24pm

      I’m glad to hear it, Mike. Very, very glad…

  2. osbasso 2014.08.21 11:56pm

    Hmmm…the Force is strong in this one.

    • Cheeky Minx 2014.08.23 3:29pm

      And this is merely a subtle little taste…

  3. ember 2014.08.22 1:29am

    … and still such darkness leaves you breathless and wanting…

    • Cheeky Minx 2014.08.23 3:31pm

      You words leave me truly humbled, ember…

  4. 1ManView 2014.08.22 2:02am

    🙂 When i first entered your blog, I was captivated by your loveliness, then captivated again by your lusty words…

    peace and love

    • Cheeky Minx 2014.08.23 3:32pm

      I’m keeping my fingers crossed I can keep captivating you in such a way for a little while longer. Thank you, 1ManView…

  5. obsessed 2014.08.22 3:04am

    ” his cock whore and beloved with his fiery seed in my cunt and womb, with his name penned in our come on my lily-white skin, with the voracious tongue raked along my sodden cleft, with the thick hard flesh of the beast claiming, fucking, ruining for all others the desire and succulence of my sex.”

    forgetting the amazing picture for a moment, fucking hell Minx, i think i was seeping simply reading the above passage alone…….God help me!

    • Cheeky Minx 2014.08.23 3:33pm

      Perhaps a Goddess is more appropriate in this moment of need… 😉

      • obsessed 2014.08.25 6:28pm

        I only know one, and you are taken x x x

  6. the late phoenix 2014.08.22 4:01am

    my beautiful, your words got me sodden and soaked. okay, you pick the movie and i’ll go get the bucket of ice and Darkside Skittles and practice writing my name for later…:*

    • Cheeky Minx 2014.08.23 3:35pm

      Practice makes perfect, gorgeous. I’ll ready the parchment… 😉

  7. Franco Bolli 2014.08.22 4:06am

    I am rendered speechless by your words and enchanted by your self-portrait.

    • Cheeky Minx 2014.08.23 3:38pm

      I’m so truly thankful this post has had such a powerful effect on you, Franco…

  8. vivibene1 2014.08.22 5:19am

    I’ve felt compelled to say something all day about this picture and post, yet I’m still speechless. Bravo lovely.

    • Cheeky Minx 2014.08.23 3:39pm

      You speechlessness is the highest – and most perfect – praise, sweet thing…

  9. Ian 2014.08.22 5:05pm

    Wow!! Stunning text and perfect image. [yet again]

    • Cheeky Minx 2014.08.23 3:40pm

      All I have right now is this very sly smile, Ian – and a very big thank you for the gorgeous words!

  10. Needs Affection 2014.08.24 7:31pm

    I’m so glad I came upon your site. Such artistry in your photos, the settings, the poses, the interplay of light and shadow caressing the very essence of my desire. Captivated, my gaze wanders along every inch of you. My longing to have your flesh against mine. My want to know the arch of your foot stroking my passion. My need to feel your fingers touching my fingers. My inconsolable lust to lay waste to our bodies in the course of something carnal, something primal. Your words conjuring a fire deep inside of me. My emotion laid bare before you, my body is shaking, my mind is in shambles, I clutch the side of the bed. The tension overwhelms me, I go delirious. The force of a thousand bolts of lighting erupts every drop of marrow from my body. I struggle to regain my breath. Empty, fulfilled, the cosmic balance restored… for now.

    • Cheeky Minx 2014.08.27 3:45pm

      After reading your intensely vivid and stirring response, I can say – without a shadow of a doubt – that I’m just as glad you stumbled upon me. Here’s hoping my work continues to inspire your lustful words and passionate thoughts and desires.

      Welcome to the Cake, NA. And thank you for the icing…

      • Needs Affection 2014.08.31 7:48pm

        My dear Minx, I appreciate your kind and positive feedback. You needn’t hope to continue to inspire me. I have noticed that a man not having himself well positioned upon entering your site quickly finds himself straining painfully against an unyielding pair of jeans. You have added a whole new dimension to my desire and for that I am grateful. Thank you for having me.

        • Cheeky Minx 2014.09.02 1:03pm

          There will always be a seat here, reserved just for you, NA. Of that you can be sure…

  11. Devil in the Detail 2014.09.17 6:48am

    It’s curious.

    After circumstances have conspired against me for a few months, preventing me from visiting my favourite haunts in these dark corners of the web, I returned here to gaze upon your words, to reacquaint myself with the exquisite and profoundly erotic nature of your imagery – both visual and textual – and the first post my eyes fully rested upon was this.

    And it spoke to me deeply. Recognising the darkness in your eyes and deeper into your being, and the knowledge that I would wish to show you mine, to lure you into the black.

    • Cheeky Minx 2014.09.21 5:57pm

      There’s a part of me that likes to imagine my words and thoughts travelling through the ether, calling you, beckoning you back (to us all).

      To have you see my darkness, recognise it and see yours within it, to have you feel those shadows deeply, means a great deal.

      Welcome back, D – you’ve been missed…

  12. bhp 2014.09.18 4:56am

    That’s precisely the kind of ruination I’d be prepared to bring upon the feminine perfection on display here, CM.

    You define splendour.
    In the simplest, cleanest, elegant lines of your image. And the delightfully insidious imagery your words conjour.

    What would I ever do without you!

    • Cheeky Minx 2014.09.21 6:11pm

      I could ask you the very same!

      As for splendour, it’s just the term I’d use to describe your own words.

      You’ve left me breathless once more, bhp…