By Chance

If you happened upon me by chance, if your gaze found me as it wove through the crowd, as it travelled along the length of the street, as it followed the band of light streaming into the gallery, would you stand riveted, transfixed, would your breath be taken away, would your lips struggle with any utterance other than the whispered syllables of my name, would the tips of your fingers itch to reach out and caress the delicate swell of my breasts, would your body burn and silently scream for just one touch of this fragrant skin, for the woman soft, yielding and fevered, for the nakedness you ache to taste and devour and claim, would you run to me with an irrepressible urgency, would you walk with assurance and measure, would you come to me and bring us in close, would you speak to me simply in gesture, with your arms and their embrace, with the decadent cravings that course day and night through your veins, with the kiss so deep and sensual and voracious you mark indelibly my body and soul, with the need and the promise and the slick aching hunger of your hard burnished flesh, with the stroke and the thrust that will cleave and possess my sodden scarlet sex, would you take me then and there for all to witness, covet and see, would you fuck me until our moans and cries shattered the peace?

If you happened upon me by chance, if the universal forces aligned, if we stumbled and fell into the same time and place, would you also allow me to indulge you as mine?

  1. Mick 2014.08.01 1:27am


  2. obsessed 2014.08.01 3:02am

    you know my answer……….

  3. the late phoenix 2014.08.01 5:21am

    si si, my saucy senorita :*

    • Cheeky Minx 2014.08.01 4:36pm

      Everything is tastier with sauce, gorgeous phoenix. :*

  4. 1ManView 2014.08.01 11:37am

    Wonderfully written Cheeky…
    “with the stroke and the thrust that will cleave and possess my sodden scarlet sex”
    Erotic, yet sensuous…

    peace and love

  5. Doc 2014.08.01 9:27pm

    Beautiful writing

    May I say yes-yes-yes-yes………with each yes doubling the yes before, and I would say yes twelve times, and with each double, that would be YES four thousand and ninety six times.

    The power of compounding……delicious

    • Cheeky Minx 2014.08.03 5:28pm

      Delicious is the very word I would use to describe your comment, Doc. In fact, I could utter it another 4,095 times…

  6. Mike 2014.08.03 7:25am

    I’m too numb to answer

    • Cheeky Minx 2014.08.03 5:30pm

      Good or bad numb?

      I’m keeping my fingers crossed it’s the kind that follows extreme pleasure…

  7. Verbose Lothario 2014.08.05 11:22pm

    I want to answer this, but I don’t think it’s for me.

  8. John Brownstone 2014.08.07 9:04am

    Just look into my eyes and you will know the answer beyond a shadow of doubt

    • Cheeky Minx 2014.08.11 6:04pm

      My gaze is transfixed – and I am swooning…

  9. Ian 2014.08.24 3:46pm

    How could anyone say no?

  10. bhp 2014.09.18 5:18am

    It’s no secret. I continue to project this very meeting upon the universe. Daily.
    Chance isn’t the most reliable tennant, but I’ve harboured freely this one, too long now to demand rent!

    You get the picture CM.

    • Cheeky Minx 2014.09.21 3:08pm

      I do, bhp. And it’s the mirror image of my own.

      Since the universe continues to deny us both, I’ll go back to crossing my fingers and toes and stocking-sheathed legs until my hopes and wishes are granted…