The Alchemy of Desire

123_The Alchemy of DesireHere and now, I know not the whys or wherefores. I know little reason or this mind’s sense.

I know only with this desiring body, the alchemical connection that continues to torment, that binds me to you like addict to obsession, to the masculine potency of your flesh, that stirs me as the day is dawning, that colours the light as if the darkness about to descend, that whispers to the craving skin of my feminine sensuality, to the wild and uncontrollable, to the depths of this lustful decadence, that moans along the arch of my form, the tips of the fingers reaching out to caress, to the cunt etched with your name and dripping our passion’s indelible scent.

  1. RedShoes51 2014.07.17 10:47pm

    Always… ALWAYS… so stunning…


  2. osbasso 2014.07.17 11:29pm

    Awfully flimsy bed covering for a chilly winter’s night, don’t you think? Not that I’m complaining….

    • Cheeky Minx 2014.07.18 7:54pm

      I had a sneaking suspicion you wouldn’t complain for too long…

  3. the late phoenix 2014.07.18 3:02am

    alchemy is perfect, for this is a Medieval masterpiece of mosaic. beautiful art, my beautiful :*

    • Cheeky Minx 2014.07.18 8:02pm

      I knew you would recognise the reference/s, you clever (and kind) phoenix.

      But might I suggest that true art is in the fiery fusion of the flesh, skin on skin, man plus woman…

  4. John Brownstone 2014.07.18 10:54pm

    To change an inert material into something precious, a lofty desire….yet dear Minx…you are already precious!

    • Cheeky Minx 2014.07.21 4:25pm

      What a truly beautiful thing to say – thank you, John…

  5. obsessed 2014.07.19 12:56am

    Sheer beauty. x x x

  6. JK 2014.07.21 12:59am

    “to the cunt etched with your name” Yes, I like that part, very much.

  7. Verbose Lothario 2014.08.05 11:16pm

    I’ve known the addiction to that kind of chemical dependency. There’s no way to get past it except… erm… well, I don’t actually know how to get past it. Sorry. 🙂

    This photo, by the way, is exactly the type of alchemy that turns lust to gold. 😉

    • Cheeky Minx 2014.08.11 6:11pm

      And yet your words are far more precious than any metal or gemstone, VL. 🙂

      (Are you sure you don’t have the magic cure hidden somewhere? I could do with a hit to fix this addiction…)