In Her Sensual Arc

110_In Her Sensual ArcIn her sensual arc, he receives the sigh, the burnish of the sun on her skin, the piquancy of her wetness, the sweetness of her perfume, the desire that burns through flesh and bone, the need for his breath soft against her nakedness, for the hands and his touch and their landfall, for the caress along the grain, along the curves now trembling, aching for his uniquely perfecting form.

  1. osbasso 2014.03.13 12:49am

    Do I detect a bit of a tan line in the dim light on yer bum? Ah, the fading days of summer… You should come up/over here, just for continuity’s sake. <3

    • Cheeky Minx 2014.03.16 9:03pm

      Sadly, that’s mere shadow, Os. But, I’d be more than happy to jet over to develop it on your side of the globe…

  2. the late phoenix 2014.03.13 10:48am

    this peek into your piquancy has piqued my………


  3. Jack (and Jill) 2014.03.13 12:06pm

    Now that’s a position in which I’d love to find you sometime. And the thought of your piquancy is frequently on my mind. Such a beautiful image.

    • Cheeky Minx 2014.03.16 9:11pm

      If you’re quick, you’ll find me waiting for you, just like this…

  4. 1ManView 2014.03.13 1:14pm

    Tantalizing piece .. . And as always, you are lovely…

    peace and love

    • Cheeky Minx 2014.03.16 9:13pm

      And you are forever amazingly generous and kind, 1ManView…

  5. SouthernSir 2014.03.14 10:12pm

    There are so many elements of this photo that are arousing, the lighting, the arc of your body.
    Ahh to match you in that sensual arc.

    • Cheeky Minx 2014.03.16 9:14pm

      I have a feeling that match would be unrivalled.

      Thank you again for the beautiful words, SSir…

  6. new admirer 2014.03.15 8:26pm

    Just call me Noah, I’d spend 40 days and nights on that Arc with the rain pelting down outside 😉 stunning.

  7. Rex Venom 2014.03.17 9:27am

    Always, you bring forth the words of Need and Want.
    Rock on!

    • Cheeky Minx 2014.03.17 9:57pm

      This desire leaves me no other choice, RV…

  8. Ella 2014.03.18 9:04am

    The simmer on your skin that is reflected on the sheets is lovely. I also love how the pucker your elbow makes with the sheets creates a vortex that looks like it could suck your whole body right into the mattress. Very nice!

    • Cheeky Minx 2014.03.21 6:45pm

      Thank you, Ella! The skin shimmer is courtesy of my afternoon walk in this last burst of summer…

  9. Verbose Lothario 2014.03.19 10:43am

    If I were to ever come across you in that position, I think I might die of sheer pleasure.

    Which would be a pity, because finding you in a position like that is kind of a dream of mine, and it would be unfortunate to miss the opportunity. 😉

    • Cheeky Minx 2014.03.21 6:46pm

      Trust me, I would do everything in my power to revive you… 😉

  10. bhp 2014.03.22 7:03pm

    I have never, in all my life, been so immersed in a single piece of erotica the way I am, gazing upon you right now CM.
    My neurons have been decidedly arced.. almost beyond recognition. Perhaps irreversibly!

    And those 2 little buttons..

    • Cheeky Minx 2014.03.24 6:29pm

      You flatter me so delectably, bhp. I hope you never feel the need to stop.

      As for buttons, consider mine well and truly pushed. Yet again…

  11. Sofia 2014.04.18 12:10am

    Girl this is just leaves me fascinated…

    • Cheeky Minx 2014.04.21 6:18pm

      That’s sweet music to my ears, lovely… xo