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 To my readers, friends and muses, to those close to my heart, to the ones of sheer and dazzling inspiration, it is your presence, your gaze that truly completes this picture, the final piece in the puzzle, in the images and words and the tangle of thoughts launched on a sultry spring day four years ago. My heartfelt thanks and gratitude for your communion, affection and unerring support, for the glorious gifts you bestow upon this very fortunate harbour city girl.

 ~Minx x

  1. osbasso 2013.11.04 7:51pm

    Happy, happy birthday, m’dear! Glad that I could be a bit of a catalyst for you! <3

    • Cheeky Minx 2013.11.07 7:31pm

      Well, you’ve always been the picture of inspiration and generosity, Os! Thank you for your wonderful support and friendship over the years… x

  2. bhp 2013.11.05 12:39am

    I used to be addicted to red velvet cake.. until I discovered yours. The number 4, well it’s always been my favourite.
    And I can categorically say that the pleasure has been all ours.

    From one of your faithful, I wish you many happy returns CM.

    • Cheeky Minx 2013.11.07 7:37pm

      May I ask a favour? It’s rather a big one, mind.

      Please, never lose your taste for this cake.

      From one of your own faithful, my heartfelt thanks and gratitude, bhp… x

  3. the late phoenix 2013.11.05 3:27am

    Cheeky, can i come over tonight? i’ve got your anniversary present…

    :* <—–anniversary kiss

    • Cheeky Minx 2013.11.07 7:40pm

      My lips are glossy and ready to receive and gladly return the kiss, gorgeous phoenix… x

  4. new admirer 2013.11.05 5:45am

    “very fortunate harbour city girl” you do yourself a disservice for it is us that are the fortunate ones. I just I wish I had found you 4 years ago minx. looking forward to the next 4. Congratulations.

    • Cheeky Minx 2013.11.07 7:42pm

      Thank you so much, new admirer. Trust me, I’m the lucky one and more fortunate still you found me at all… x

  5. Hubman 2013.11.05 7:00am

    Not many bloggers last more than 4 months, much less 4 years, congratulations!

    And as always, you look fantastic!

    • Cheeky Minx 2013.11.07 7:47pm

      Aren’t you a sight for sore eyes, Hubman?

      It’s so lovely of you to drop by and leave me with such gorgeous words and wishes. Let’s hope I can last out a little while longer… x

  6. SouthernSir 2013.11.05 11:43am

    Lets pop open a bottle of bubbly and celebrate Minx. Happy 4 years and many more to come.

    • Cheeky Minx 2013.11.07 7:48pm

      Yes, let’s indulge in some fizz and dance the night away, SSir. Thank you so much for your support and lovely words yet again… x

  7. Jack (and Jill) 2013.11.05 4:29pm

    It’s not everyday that I receive a gift on someone else’s anniversary. Such a beautifully erotic glimpse at one of the most stunning women I know. Happy anniversary!

    • Cheeky Minx 2013.11.07 7:54pm

      You always know how to inspire my cheeky and sly little smile, Jack. And since you and your words leave me with such a glow, a little gift is the least I could bestow… x

  8. Verbose Lothario 2013.11.06 7:30am

    Now with all of your other readers in feeling that I’ve received much more than I’ve ever given.

    Now if you could ease your legs apart JUST A BIT to help me in rolling those panties off, I’d be much obliged. 😉

    • Cheeky Minx 2013.11.07 7:57pm

      So, what you’re saying is you’d like yet another gift, VL? 😉

      Thank you for the cheeky words (and your wonderful support)… x

  9. max 2013.11.09 2:06am

    your spring is our autumn, and i too, have fallen for you.

    • Cheeky Minx 2013.11.10 3:45pm

      With a spring in my step, I leap then fall right along with you, max… x

  10. JK 2013.11.26 6:04pm

    The way you’re looking at me, just makes me melt. You ARE looking at me, aren’t you?

    • Cheeky Minx 2013.12.01 4:17pm

      Of course I’m looking at you, hoping you’ll melt under my desiring gaze, JK…