85_MultiplicityYou feel it. You sense it. I know.

Even as it is laid out here for you, in shades of grey, in black and white, for your eyes to clearly gaze upon and see, the reflection threefold, her and her and her, her and them and me, I know you scarcely require this fractured image before us both to sense it, to crave it, to seek out and inspire the multiplicity within me, the varied facets of my lust, the desires that scream through this body and mind, that rise up through my skin at each and every given moment as I inhale your scent, as I breathe you in, as you move in close, as you press your nakedness in tight, as the first touch of your hands along the curve of my litheness betrays an urgency, a carnal ferocity I hunger right along with you through the night, as you pull aside the sodden lace between my thighs and plunge the hard ache of your cock inside me in one selfishly perfecting sinuous stroke, as my sweet cunt soaks you, takes you, envelops and milks you yearning for the fire of your seed, my grinding hips, my pouting clit, my wet wanton sex, the nails drawing blood, digging into flesh at odds with the sensuality of my moan, my mewl, the hands wound about your nape, the whispers uttered from these lips, my passionate and searching kiss.

You feel it. You sense it. You recognise and yearn for it. Lover, this much I know.

  1. new admirer 2013.08.26 8:50pm

    I cannot compete with the eloquence of your other commenters. but will try to convey how finding your blog has affected me personally.

    despite subscribing to email notifications checking constantly for updates has become an addiction. I want to learn how to write so provocatively, without crudeness. “along the curve of my litheness betrays an urgency, a carnal ferocity” just one of the latest of so many wonderful lines of prose that abundantly litter this blog. I’ve learnt how black and white and out of focus (quite the opposite of a criticism) photography can be so much more alluring than the finest colour portrait. ( I have a few questions on the photography side if I may email you sometime) You’ve taught me that sadly photographically I lack the artistic eye and imagination that you so obviously possess. I’m simply in awe of the words, the art, the body and mind contained in these pages.

    • Cheeky Minx 2013.08.28 7:43pm

      To see in black and white the palpable effect my prose and imagery have upon you is not only flattering but genuinely heartwarming, new admirer. Rest assured, I’ll never take it for granted.

      In regard to the photographs (as well as the words), practice plus interest plus obsession plus need plus time makes… Well, it might not make perfect but rather the creation of my own brand of eroticism. Even though I would cherish the opportunity for a private and extended discussion (please, do email me when you’re ready), I need to say this in the public domain for all to see: You do yourself a disservice by diminishing your talents by comparing them to mine. I realise it’s a normal impulse for anyone who creates – I often wonder why I bother when confronted with truly talented writers and photographers, and examples of feminine physical perfection. But in those moments, I remind myself that we all have a unique voice and vision. Perhaps it’s merely a case of honing your own over time.

      As for your perceived lack of eloquence, you are sorely mistaken…

  2. max 2013.08.26 11:42pm

    you shake my nerves and you rattle my brain.

    • Cheeky Minx 2013.08.28 7:47pm

      Oh, for the opportunity to jangle those nerves up close and reduce you to a great ball of (glistening) fire, max…

  3. osbasso 2013.08.27 12:13am

    It’s so fun putting all the pieces together here!

  4. bhp 2013.08.27 9:09pm

    Your powers of deduction and recognition are staggeringly accurate Minx.
    I’m not sure these hands could handle any more than one piece of cake.. but if I could choose a reflection to move in close to, I’d take the middle one.

    • Cheeky Minx 2013.08.28 7:56pm

      Then take her, bhp. With both hands, please…

  5. unbridledesires 2013.08.27 10:24pm

    FINALLY! I havent been able to visit for some time…and today it worked! Woohoo. And boy was it worth the wait. Damn, I have missed so much since my last visit. I am going to have to stay for a few and take it all in! 😉

    • Cheeky Minx 2013.08.28 7:59pm

      Well, well, well… If it isn’t the thirsty one, himself.

      Since you’ve been away for an age (and very much missed), I insist you pull up a chair, loosen your tie (or any other constricting garment of choice) and linger for a good, long while… 😉

      • unbridledesires 2013.08.31 3:01am

        They are all constricting when you are around. }:-)

  6. Max 2013.08.28 10:26am

    You know me too well…. 🙂

    • Cheeky Minx 2013.08.28 8:00pm

      Not well enough as far as I’m concerned. And the only way to remedy that is with a big jet plane… 😉

  7. SouthernSir 2013.08.28 10:28am

    Minx in triplicate, would I be up to the challenge, I don’t know but I certainly would be up for trying.

    • Cheeky Minx 2013.08.28 8:05pm

      I have no doubt you would be up for any challenge I threw your way, SSir. My doppelgängers and I think you should definitely give this triumvirate a good, hard try…

  8. Verbose Lothario 2013.08.29 12:52am

    I thought the photos on this blog were the ultimate in eroticism, but it turns out there’s something even better than a photograph of you: a photograph of multiple yous!

    • Cheeky Minx 2013.09.01 5:35pm

      You certainly know how to sweet-talk a gal and her doppelgängers!

      Now, about those multiples…

  9. Ella 2013.08.29 2:59am

    I adore reflective images, and this is lovely, as always.

  10. the late phoenix 2013.08.29 3:11am

    3 Cheekys? i mean…i…uh…the possibilities…the multiplicities…

    fractured soul

    • Cheeky Minx 2013.09.01 5:40pm

      Dear fractured soul,

      The girls and I are ready and waiting with the Krazy Glue.

      The Original Minx

  11. jk 2013.09.03 12:44am

    Three of you? May I begin with just one?