77_troubleFrom the moment his eyes fell upon her, he knew.

From the moment the heady blend of her scent and perfume overwhelmed the room, the very air he drew deeply into his lungs, her clear yet provocative gaze holding his as introductions were swiftly dispensed, her full, wanton lips unsealing themselves initially with a sultry sigh before she casually spoke her greeting and his name, from the moment she shook his hand with a firmness at odds with the sensual eroticism of the parting gesture that saw the slender forefinger of her delicate hand trail its way from the centre of his palm to the fleshy tip of his middle digit, eager to electrify his body, reluctant to break away from his strength and his touch, he knew.

He knew she was nothing but trouble.

She was the kind of trouble he had conjured in his daylight reverie and those visions he couldn’t help but indulge as his hard cock ached during the long and lonely night, his unfulfilled fantasies coming to vivid, sensate life to create an insatiable ideal, a truly rapacious woman whose passions would rival and ultimately overshadow his own, whose hunger and cock lust tore at her slight body as the clock struck his hour of the wolf, compelling her to wildly caress the naked gleam of her skin, to clutch at her pert breasts, to tease open her lips and sink two fingers into her sodden cunt so deep she cried out like an anguished animal in the dark.

Now as she stands before him, her back pressed hard into the office wall, her aroused nipples spot lit in the afternoon sun in a way that leaves him craving to take each into his mouth and kiss and lick and suckle until she finds herself prematurely on pleasure’s edge, he wants and needs everything, every single desire rushing through his mind, plucking at his ravenous body, he wants and needs everything and nothing more than to slide himself selfishly into her clutching velvet depths, to fuck her hard and fast against the cold stucco with her legs wrapped tight around his waist until she screams his name, to cover her entire naked body in kisses light and playful, forceful and bruising, to make love to her with a sensuousness that will curve her supple form into an ecstatic arc, that will leave her breathlessly shivering for more, to have her come hotly over of his naked cock, to scorch his glans with her lust, to stain the suiting as a reminder of her presence in the here and now, he wants and needs nothing more than to relinquish all control, to damn caution and consequence.

And so he does just that.

With his throbbing shaft in hand, he slowly closes the space between them, each step surrendering him to the trouble completely.

  1. justarandomscot 2013.06.18 10:46pm

    Beautiful image and very hot words!

    • Cheeky Minx 2013.06.20 9:03pm

      I’m tickled you think so highly of it…

  2. osbasso 2013.06.18 11:39pm

    I pretty much had you tagged as trouble since day one. And enjoyed every day since!

    • Cheeky Minx 2013.06.20 9:05pm

      And here I was thinking I was rather innocent in my early days!

  3. SouthernSir 2013.06.18 11:48pm

    That is what I call good trouble….love the image..those tender berries ripe for picking.

    • Cheeky Minx 2013.06.20 9:06pm

      Good trouble always supplies the freshest, tastiest berries, SSir…

  4. mfxp 2013.06.18 11:50pm

    man o man, why can’t he be me?

    • Cheeky Minx 2013.06.20 9:07pm

      Now I can’t help wondering the very same, mfxp…

  5. Verbose Lothario 2013.06.19 5:34am

    At a glance, in an instant, I can tell what that nipple would feel like between my teeth. I can even picture what it would taste like. Such a beautiful, perfect thing. The sight of it, and the orb upon which it rests, always stirs me. It’s bittersweet because I could look at that picture all day—yet all day, while I looked, I’d be painfully aware that I CAN’T touch, can’t taste, can’t feel. I can only look, but that’s not a complaint because looking is very sweet indeed.

    For once, though, I have a quibble. She may very well be trouble (some of the best ones are), but I take issue with the phrase “nothing BUT trouble.” She’s so much more than that.

    Though I agree that this makes her all the more alluring—and therefore dangerous.

    • Cheeky Minx 2013.06.20 9:13pm

      You’re right, VL. She is more, much more. And oh how he knows it.

      But now I can’t help but wonder if he is also stirred, roused from afar in the way you clearly seem to be, if he also aches to touch her as she is encased in this fluorescent virtuality…

  6. diirrty 2013.06.19 6:10am

    …. his hour of the wolf … Superb!

    • Cheeky Minx 2013.06.20 9:16pm

      It is the perfect strike of the clock for the beast that lurks within him…

  7. Unbridledesires 2013.06.19 8:06am

    Such a great piece. And the writing is good, too. It appears the sun is enjoying your nipple as much as we are. Thank you.

    • Cheeky Minx 2013.06.20 9:19pm

      It’s my pleasure in every way, Unbridledesires.

      As for the sun, it was as light as a lover’s touch on that chilly winter’s day…

  8. the late phoenix 2013.06.20 2:08am

    i am now in trouble…

  9. bp 2013.06.24 2:55pm

    Trouble is good, always.

    • Cheeky Minx 2013.06.26 5:15pm

      That’s good to hear since I’m a wicked, troublesome minx…

  10. bhp 2013.08.09 7:36am

    Never has cold stucco sounded so inviting.
    This trouble you speak of Minx, I believe it deserves company.


    • Cheeky Minx 2013.08.09 6:18pm

      My trouble and I await your arrival with bated breath, bhp…