These Lips

These lips, they long to part but not to speak; they yearn to unseal the warmth within, to savour, worship, to devour every curve, every throbbing vein, every silken hollow, every morsel of your flesh, every pearl of cream, every drop glistening, to brush softly along the bronzed gleam of your skin, teasing, coaxing, taking you to the very edge, whispering, sighing into you nothing but desire pure and sensual, nothing but this carnal passion’s heated breath, the maddening craving words can never quite grasp and hold, the need to taste your sweetness, to feed upon your musk, drawing you in completely, drowning willingly in your scent, your libations, your come, kissing up between your thighs, licking languidly the long, muscular line to the torso sculpted and dressed in the black wiry curls these fingers ache to caress, to the hard thick cock lurching violently at the merest hint of this slippery little point, the hips, the cock reaching up, reaching out for more, for more of this rapacious tongue, for more of this scarlet kiss, for more of the hot clutching wetness you know a sign of the true hunger pulsating cruelly between my legs, the other lips plump and hungry for the merging this exquisite act inspires, the other fiery gloss soaking in blushing waves the finest of satins and laces, the most ordinary of cottons, overflowing the bounds and drenching the tops of my thighs with their want, with this cock lust, with my need for your meat, for your body beneath me, for the arms that will possess me and place me, for the hands that will assert their strength and guide me onto the naked uncut flesh impatient to impale me to the moaning hilt, for the man that will fuck me with a sensuous brutally, that will fuck me hard, that will fuck me hard into a breathtaking silence, that will fuck me hard back into the blare, that will fuck me hard until we scream, until we break.

  1. SouthernSir 2013.06.13 11:57pm

    Though those lips be silent they speak volumes.

  2. the late phoenix 2013.06.14 2:02am

    though a pearl of cream is nice, a waterfall is better…

    • Cheeky Minx 2013.06.15 7:26pm

      Yes, yes. Bring on the flood, the torrent…

  3. mfxp 2013.06.14 3:01am

    this is serious WOW words (and thoughts) here, Minx.
    (from formerly max)

    • Cheeky Minx 2013.06.15 7:30pm

      I had a feeling this was you, max. Or your virtual doppelgänger at the very least.

      Knowing you enjoyed the piece so much has wowed me too, mfxp…

  4. YCB 2013.06.14 10:55am

    Start with my mouth and do not stop until I explode into yours…

    So sexy.

    • Cheeky Minx 2013.06.15 7:33pm

      “So sexy” … is just the phrase I would use to describe your request, YCB…

  5. Verbose Lothario 2013.06.19 5:22am

    Oh Minx! The effect you have on my body with only your words. (“Only” your words, as if words aren’t powerful. You’ve proven that time and again, bringing my cock to life from half a world away!)

    For some reason the phrase “arms that will possess me and place me” was especially evocative for me. I don’t know why, the whole piece is, literally, breathtaking.

    • Cheeky Minx 2013.06.20 8:57pm

      Literally out of breath? I’ll be right over to restore you in every way, VL.

      And thank you again for your wonderful words – to have that effect from such a distance via these mere pixels means more than you’ll ever know…