She meets his eye and only then begins her sultry serpentine recline; her glowing skin roused and somehow soothed by the plush velvet cord beneath, her body a delicate and supple arch slowly, deliberately sinking, laying bare her lust, playing out an enduring seduction, an attraction that has her flesh open and ready, always wanting and awakened.

Yet all the while she yearns, hungers for him to shatter this erotic measure, to take and possess her in a way that erases all lingering doubt about the certainty of his desire, to have him push her back a little roughly, his urgency rising as he tears to easy shreds the lace adorning the modesty throbbing, aching to be anything but, his mouth greedily devouring the slick of her pouting sex, his beard lightly scrapping a path up the feminine line for his lips to suckle violently on the hard, rosy nipple before entering her with a groan and fucking her with hard, deep, steady strokes that leave her breathless, trembling as each successive orgasm strikes through her like a bolt, his own release deferred until she cries she can take no more, until he unlocks his gleaming naked uncut cock from her embrace and anoints the lips of her cunt and the tautness of her belly with his searing come, the rained pattern of his seed the only filigree, the only adornment she truly craves and needs.

  1. Ella 2013.05.08 12:06pm

    I can't take my eyes off the color of your hair. I'd absolutely kill to have hair that color, it's divine . . . as is the rest of the picture of your beautiful words, always.

  2. OsShirt 2013.05.08 12:45pm

    I'll admit it. I had to look up the definition of 'filigree'. It certainly helps to know that while reading. Who'da thunk that Minx's posts could be educational too?!? This just might rekindle those teacher fantasies I've suppressed over the years…

    On a separate note–the hair really is strikingly beautiful this morning!

  3. the late phoenix 2013.05.08 5:14pm

    there's that “filigree” word again you got me with last time…and that filigree outfit, i'm hot off both.

    my cum is always searing, just fyi

    love you you sexy kitten…

  4. max 2013.05.08 6:40pm

    my dear, you just coming and coming with more sensuality and raw sexuality than any. brava!

  5. Angelwithatwist 2013.05.08 9:28pm

    OH I love this. The images, the descriptions, just enough to keep me wet and wanting to hear more..

  6. Red Shoes 2013.05.09 1:02am


    You are unbelievable… and I do love that hair as well… ;oD


  7. 1manview 2013.05.09 2:24am

    Urgently erotic text.. Sexy pic Minx…

  8. All About Love And Sex 2013.05.09 5:15am

    Very good erotic writing plus a matching picture! Well done! Keep it up!

  9. Cheeky Minx 2013.05.11 8:19am

    Ella: Thank you, lovely. In terms of the colour, it's easily done. And you know what they say about fiery redheads…

    Os: I've been told time spent with me is very educational… 😉

    the late phoenix: *meeeooowww … purrrrr*

    max: Oh… You've made my day, max.

    Angelwithatwist: Wet and wanting are just the responses I was hoping to inspire in you, lovely…

    Red Shoes: I wonder if the titian locks are responsible for that smoulder. Even if it's partly the case, I'm very happy I could leave you feeling warm, shoes… 😉

    1manview: I'm tickled, 1man. Truly tickled…

    All About Love and Sex: Thank you very much!

    ~Minx x

  10. Southern Sir 2013.05.11 2:19pm

    Oh how I would love to greedily devour you, pushing you beyond those erotic limits sweet minx.

    My question did you know I have a beard? 😉

  11. Cheeky Minx 2013.05.12 8:35am

    How did I know? My trusty erotic intuition, Southern Sir… 😉