73_ShimmerBaby, baby, baby…

 Let me tease you
Please you
Step into your light
Let me share with you
My silken heat
This body lithe
Let us come together
Our desiring flesh as one
Let us come together
Indulge and shimmer

  1. Michael 2013.04.23 12:52pm

    Oh, I like this VERY much


  2. OsShirt 2013.04.23 1:57pm

    Out of the shadows and into the bright light. Confirmation of your intense beauty, for sure!

  3. the late phoenix 2013.04.23 4:17pm

    baby, you are the shimmer, the glimmer of light in my darkness.

    hey, these could be song lyrics, it would make for a great song. Justin Bieber has a song called “Baby”, but let's not spoil the mood…

  4. Verbose Lothario 2013.04.23 4:55pm

    Your teases do please me. Whenever I see your lithe body I always want to come together with you and indulge. You always shimmer, but I'm betting you shimmer all the more in person.

    But I settle for pictures of your silken heat because… you're ask the way there and I'm all the way here. 😛

    Frankly, I want to write on and on about how I feel about this picture, but it would get very self-indulgent, and if enjoy writing more than your readers would enjoy reading. 🙂

  5. Verbose Lothario 2013.04.23 4:58pm

    Holy crap typos! lol



  6. Ella 2013.04.23 7:30pm

    absolutely gorgeous, as always!

  7. james H 2013.04.24 12:42am

    please shimmer on over here

  8. stareintotheabyss 2013.04.24 1:08am

    These years, Minx, I've watched you slowly, oh so slowly, come out of the darkness, little by little exposing your exceptional beauty to the warmth of the light. This photos is a crowning achievement, in my mind, a celebration of you; not only your beauty, but the confidence that can only come from being surrounding by such friends as these.
    Congratulations, my dear.

  9. Red Shoes 2013.04.24 2:10am



  10. All About Love And Sex 2013.04.24 4:27am

    I'm surely your babe will be glad to oblige after reading such poetic and erotic phrases!

  11. unbridledesires 2013.04.24 1:25pm

    That is one light I would surely head towards. Beautiful.

  12. Max 2013.04.24 6:31pm

    Simply stunning.

    (though I'm tempted to just echo Red Shoes' comment above. :-))

  13. Octavia 2013.04.25 1:24am

    Out of the shadows and still amazing. Great job, Minx!

  14. Southern Sir 2013.04.25 10:40pm

    To see you as such, you don't just shimmer…you Shine! Beautiful

  15. 1manview 2013.04.27 7:05am

    Delightful write Minx. ANd as always, the sexy you…

  16. both.hands.please 2013.04.27 7:41am

    'Let you'… I'm not sure I have a choice CM.
    This form you take, lithe and white, is more than just indulgent. It's down right decadent.

  17. Cheeky Minx 2013.04.28 11:32am

    Mike: And I like that you like just as much…

    Os: Even if this isn't confirmation, your gorgeous words have certainly left me feeling beautiful…

    the late phoenix: Let's leave Master Beiber out in the cold so we can snuggle, bubble, fire up that much-needed shimmer…

    Verbose Lothario: This very wicked minx has taken great delight in your musings – and typos! My only wish at this very moment is that you can feel my sly little smile radiating across this great divide, VL… 😉

    Ella: Thank you, sweet thing…

    james H: Since you asked so very nicely…

    stareintotheabyss: I'm at a loss for words right now, JK. And as you know, that's something of a rarity for me. All I can offer you is my thanks – for your generosity, your friendship, for the space you and others have created that has allowed me to step into such a loving light.

    Red Shoes: I can't possibly argue with that!

    All About Love And Sex: I certainly hope so. Thank you for your gorgeous thoughts…

    unbridledesires: Then pack your bags and head on down…

    Max: You should always give in to that temptation. In fact, you should give in to most of them, Max… 😉

    Octavia: I'm so touched – thank you…

    Southern Sir: How you make me smile, SSir…

    1manview: You say the loveliest things, 1man…

    both.hands.please: I can only hope you feel compelled to surrender to that decadence very soon, bhp…

    ~Minx x

  18. Iker 77 2013.04.29 2:32pm

    Muy sensual , dulcemente sensual.

  19. Cheeky Minx 2013.04.30 7:01am

    Estoy encantado de que pienses así, Iker77. Dulcemente encantado…