The sweet little x

There was a time when you would seal your whispered confessions, the passionate words of your lust, your farewells and goodbyes with a kiss, with a cross, with a sweet little x.

But once it disappeared from sight, once that sweet little x ceased to be, I knew things had changed; I knew we would never be the same. I knew the hint of affection you cradled tentatively in your palm had been lost, had faded forever away.

  1. Verbose Lothario 2013.03.10 11:58am

    It's funny how we can tell, even in a purely textual context, what people are feeling. Visual cues are important but not always necessary.

    I'm sorry for your loss. I hope that, despite what I just said, it's a miscommunication.

  2. Octavia 2013.03.10 4:29pm

    Every time I eXamine your posts, I feel a surge of eXcitement. Your commentary is also eXquisite.

    Kidding aside, VL is right, sometimes the biggest clues to the trouble in a relationship are the smallest ones.


  3. Cheeky Minx 2013.03.11 1:59am

    Verbose Lothario: Alas, it isn't a miscommunication but rather an omission that asserted its presence for some time. But this too will pass. Thank you for the comforting words and concern, VL – they soothe my soul and heart.

    Octavia: I couldn't agree with you (and VL) more – the small signs and gestures speak volumes about the state of things. And even though his have faded away, yours have brought a big ole goofy smile to me face!

    ~Minx x

  4. All About Love And Sex 2013.03.11 3:17am

    Nothing lasts, including lust!

  5. Cheeky Minx 2013.03.11 8:49am

    All About Love and Sex: Sad but true…

  6. stareintotheabyss 2013.03.11 2:20pm

    I'm so sorry, Minx.

  7. Cheeky Minx 2013.03.12 7:03am

    stareintotheabyss: Thank you so much, JK. But I am all right. I think this was a case of sending the thought into the ether in order to move on.

    ~Minx x

  8. 2013.03.12 9:48pm

    True, lust may not last forever, but that doesn't make the loss any less tragic.

  9. Cheeky Minx 2013.03.13 8:12am

    therittenbergreport: You're so right – and touchingly thoughtful. Thank you…

  10. Max 2013.03.13 12:52pm

    Beautiful melancholy words….


  11. Southern Sir 2013.03.15 12:36am

    Poetically touching, whether it be love or lust the sting hurts. Be well Minx

  12. Sexy Smile 2013.03.15 2:44am

    You have such a way with words. I know, all too well, the hurt realization that something special is gone. I hope the feeling is fleeting for you.

  13. Cheeky Minx 2013.03.17 3:13am

    Max: Your sweet little x – and words – have warmed my heart, M…

    Southern Sir: Even as it does, your words always soothe me, SSir…

    Sexy Smile: Thank you, lovely lady, for the beautiful compliment and wishes…

    ~Minx x