There’s been barely a moment where my thoughts haven’t drifted to you, to the thought of us soiling my crisp and pristine sheets with our passion, to the thought of our bodies pressed together under the shower’s cooling rain, my hands exploring while yours do the same, my slender fingers teasing the silken softness of your newly spent glans, registering your excitement, the rush, the beat, the pulsation, your aroused sex growing thick, hard and heavy in my palm once again, stroking your shaft slowly, slowly, slowly, my thumb circling your cockhead slick with your glisten and the drops, my delicate fingers caressing the small of your back, working their way to the sensitive spot at its base that invariably buckles your knees and reduces your voice to a growl, my kiss finding your nipples, your collarbone, your neck, your lips, my hands reaching out beyond the weighty glass doors to retrieve the luxuriant towelling, my hands blotting, sensually soaking up the gleaming beads clinging close, my lips and tongue drinking, following the path of the cloth, my lips and tongue eager to taste you, to have you aching and pounding, to have your cock insistent for the heat of my sweet little mouth, to have you come with a shudder, with a roar on my freshly washed lily-white skin.

But at this very moment, in the here and the now, all I want, all I truly crave is your naked cock buried deep, buried so deep inside me all I can do is breathe, all I can do is clutch at your shoulders, my legs around your waist like a vice, my back and my hips arching up to meet you, to take your every morsel into my glistening sex, this glistening succulence, this smooth, scarlet cunt which aches to be filled, which cries to be fucked, which aches to wrap itself around you, to bear the mark of your unique flesh.

I want it, need it, hunger for you so desperately, I’m throbbing wet merely typing the words…

  1. Jack and Jill 2013.01.06 8:34am

    The thought of your lips on my nipples, my collarbone, and my neck are very tantalizing. These are spots that crave your attention. Glad to hear you've no plans to overlook them.

    All told, this may be my new favorite post of yours. And that's really saying something.


  2. Verbose Lothario 2013.01.06 1:32pm

    Your thoughts, your words, inspire so many. This post is intoxicating.

  3. Octavia 2013.01.06 2:38pm

    Our minds do drift, don't they. Like the wind or the sea I really couldn't decide. From moment to moment, an image or spare word to share can ignite a swell of creativity or a gale of inspiration. What glory it would be to crawl into your head for awhile and watch you create.

  4. cammies on the floor 2013.01.06 2:52pm

    Oh my did this turn me on, and take with you, becoming you, wanting him in the shower.

  5. Southern Sir 2013.01.06 7:34pm

    Drifting like a feather upon the wind, the slightest breeze to send one a spinning. Caught up in the whirlwind of passion soaring, diving, to drift once more, till the winds rise again in fury.

  6. Angelwithatwist 2013.01.06 11:34pm

    Nice to know I am not the only one who sometimes wants to skip the formality of foreplay to just feel them buried inside me. That want is the only thing that needs quenched.

  7. Ng Eng Hou 2013.01.07 3:17am

    a very poetic way in expressing your desire to have sex

  8. The Panserbjørne 2013.01.07 5:28pm

    I've been away for some time but of course I had to drop by here after returning. Nice to see that some things never change, you lovely Minx….

    — PB

  9. SexyLittleIdeas 2013.01.07 9:35pm

    Did anyone else read this in an Australian accent? 😉

  10. Cheeky Minx 2013.01.09 6:30am

    Jack: Indeed, it is, Jack. And I shall take that as high praise.

    As for overlooking certain erogenous zones… Do I strike you as the kind of woman how doesn't enjoy everything about a man? 😉

    Verbose Lothario: Punch drunk is exactly how I want to leave you, VL…

    Octavia: My brain is rather chuffed you'd like to pull up a chair and watch its cogs turning. Yet, we can't take all the credit. There's a certain man who does a very special something to the both of us…

    cammies on the floor: I'm always happy to raise the heat. I'm hoping things ended with those cammies in a heap…

    Southern Sir: Beautifully, poetically said, Ssir…

    Anglewithatwist: You're definitely not alone there. There are a good many of us who crave it. Thank you…

    Ng Eng Hou: I'm ticked – thank you…

    PB: Fingers crossed they never change and yet, somehow, keep evolving. It's lovely to see you back, PB…

    SexyLittleIdeas: Very cheeky. I like that… 😉

  11. Vlada 2013.01.09 2:34pm

    Your post is really great. thanks for sharing and keep the good poetic writing 🙂

  12. Cheeky Minx 2013.01.13 7:44am

    Thank you for your lovely comment and encouragement, Vlada…