Day breaks and with it another season and the light and the heat pierce with a force that has me rising up to meet them, to join with them my own ignited flesh, the skin prickled with the fine sheen that has me gleaming, the body shivering with the intensity that once easily drew you in, the body insistent on its yearning even as the mind vows to thwart and forget, the hands that reach for you in the spaces now vacant beside me, the arms that clutch, that hold, that touch the woman in your absence, your name a whisper on her lips, in the ether a roar.

  1. Southern Sir 2012.12.02 1:54am

    Summer heats your flesh while winter chills mine.
    Oh to be basking in your heat.

  2. Chapter Two 2012.12.02 3:26am

    It has been so very long since I have been here for a visit. Miss you, glad to see you look as amazing as always <3

  3. OsShirt 2012.12.02 5:52am

    You certainly know how to warm up these almost winter days (and nights…).

  4. both.hands.please 2012.12.02 6:42am

    In your light and heat I'll have my thoughts repose.. and imagine myself the stop-gap for that highly sought vacancy.
    I do love a fine sheen CM, I really do.

  5. barenakedlady 2012.12.02 1:52pm

    Beautiful. I love how the light falls on your skin. And the words are magnificent.

    xoxo Jillian

  6. the late phoenix 2012.12.02 3:39pm

    summertime…and my pinkies are freezing, i mean the livin' is easy

    it's cold where i am, but babes, i'm saying that this pic here is your sexiest ever, your hottest yet, it literally warmed me up, my winter melancholia has stayed…at least for awhile

    :* hot kiss with tongue

  7. Jack and Jill 2012.12.03 7:02am

    You make such a breathtaking vision. Today was our first in awhile without any rain, but there was plenty of wind and gray skies. The thought of hopping a big jet plane is growing more and more appealing – though I'd gleefully pay you a visit no matter the weather.


  8. Ella 2012.12.03 7:28pm

    You look lovely and beautiful as always . . . as are your words . . .

    but I know the rest of the internet world sincerely care about this one universally imperative issue, let’s talk about your hair. It is always so sultry and sexy. What is your secret?

    The blatant heat in my area creates a frizz and waves that requires beating my hair into submission with a series of chemicals and heating equipment. (big sigh) And yet, still not as lovely as yours.


  9. Cheeky Minx 2012.12.05 10:29am

    Southern Sir: My summer heat's a mere plane ride away…

    Chapter Two: Thank you for making smile, lovely. But then you always do…

    Os: I'm glad to hear it. Very glad, in fact…

    both.hands.please: The vacant space beside me would be the perfect fit for your body in repose, bhp…

    Jillian: I thank you very kindly on both counts, sweet thing…

    the late phoenix: I know two sure ways of shifting that melancholia: Billie Holiday and little ole naked me… :*

    Jack: Well, the sun is still shining and the heat is steadily rising, so much so I'm wearing but a whisper of cloth. Tempted to endure the horrors of long haul?

    Ella: I'm tickled you think them so. Thank you.

    As for the hair, I struggle with the same issue since our humidity is very high. But, I have a secret weapon: John Frieda Frizz Ease serum. It doesn't work for everyone but it's this curly-haired girl's best friend.

    Once again, thank you sweet, sexy, pretty things…

    ~Minx x

  10. Advizor54 2012.12.06 1:40am

    I love your pictures, you know that, but this one gives me one very specific idea, and, for that, i say thank you.

  11. Emmy Collins 2012.12.09 6:57am

    i will love to spend summer with you i can leave my celebrity blog for you.

  12. Cheeky Minx 2012.12.09 11:13am

    Advizor: I'm always happy to help, A. And now hoping you share that thought in some way. A blog piece perhaps?

    Emmy Collins: Thank you for the lovely compliment, Emmy…

    ~Minx x

  13. Verbose Lothario 2012.12.13 2:50am

    I hate getting behind in your blog, because when I finally catch up, and read multiple posts at once, it leaves me feeling spent. This picture is so beautiful, so erotic, that I almost moaned aloud when I saw it. Your pictures always leave me aching with desire, and always fire my imagination.

    I wish I had something meaningful to say about that vacant space.

  14. Cheeky Minx 2012.12.14 9:42am

    There's no need for a meaningful statement about that vacant space because your thoughts and reaction are at once striking and humbling, VL.

    And the fact this sets off your erotic imaginings is icing on this cake…