From the Inside

From the inside, from the inside, I long to hold you from the inside, my body yearns to wrap itself about you, around your hot hard throbbing flesh, to be filled by you so absolutely all other thought makes little sense, to have you part my lips with your glistening head, to have you poised at the portal, my thighs a fair and silken frame, to have you ease your cock into my cunt with an aching slowness that takes our breath away, to have you emerge slick and hungry, drenched in the enduring trace of my lust, to have you hover once more, to have you tease me, to have you slide your pulsing glans through my cleft, to have you brush the tender pearl, to have you inflame the craving now too great to bear, to have you surrender to our only want, this urgent need, your shaft inside me again where it rightly belongs, the sweet succulence of my cunt enveloping, embracing, drawing you close, inch by glorious inch, these rippled velvet walls instinctively clutching, gripping at your flesh, my hips rising up, my body giving itself to you, bringing you into my very depths, milking you, my body begging you to come, milking the fiery seed that will violently rise up and bathe me, drown me, perfect me, mark me as yours from the inside, from the inside, from within.

  1. Jack and Jill 2012.11.28 9:30am

    Beautiful, vivid, and arousing all at once. You're as skilled with words as you are delightful in front of the camera (and behind it). The thought of your tender pearl, and the way it must feel on my tongue, has me eager to board that big jet plane.


  2. Southern Sir 2012.11.28 9:56am

    Wildly intoxicating, but then you do that to me Minx.

  3. Verbose Lothario 2012.11.28 11:52am

    I don't know what I could say that would do justice to a post like this. I'm glad I read it when I was alone.

  4. Innocent Loverboy 2012.11.28 9:30pm

    Nicely done.

  5. barenakedlady 2012.11.28 9:49pm

    The vivid imagery this conjures up… Wow. Very arousing.

    xoxo Jillian

  6. Mahogany Southern Belle 2012.11.28 11:14pm

    Succulently done! Soooo arousing!

  7. Ella 2012.11.29 12:26am

    This I love “milking the fiery seed that will violently rise up and bathe me”. Very poetic, lovely.

  8. Anonymous 2012.11.30 3:24am

    Congratulations. That is the most beautifully written depiction of sexual intercourse I've ever read, and I've been reading for 60 years.

    Just gorgeous, stunning writing!

  9. Buddha 2012.11.30 8:42pm

    I agree with Ella… love that line. Mmm.

  10. Cheeky Minx 2012.12.01 7:57am

    Jack: There's a plane flying overhead as I type. I might take it as a sign…

    Southern Sir: And I hope that never changes…

    Verbose Lothario: My personal preference would be to have you read it in my presence, VL…

    Innocent Loverboy: I thank you kindly…

    Jillian: I'm tickled you thought it so, lovely…

    Mahogany Southern Belle: I'm glad to have found another so fond of that delicious succulence! Thank you, MSB – and welcome…

    Ella: I'm rather fond of that phrase and that moment as well. Thank you, lovely lady…

    Anon: If that's the case, this is high praise indeed. Thank you very much…

    Buddha: That's such sweet music to my ears, B…

    ~Minx x

  11. cammies on the floor 2012.12.04 12:21am

    The images that were conjure were vivid enough for me to feel it, crave him. Amazingly,accurately descriptive. Thank you.

  12. Cheeky Minx 2012.12.05 10:10am

    Even though the thanks are all mine, I'm delighted this struck such an evocative chord, cammies on the floor…