Wicked Game

Are you ready?
Are you willing?
Are you brave enough to take me?
Do you have the courage for the completeness that I crave?

Are you hungry?
Are you yearning?
Are you now aching to touch me?
Does your hard and eager flesh betray this boundless wicked game?

  1. 1manview 2012.10.17 8:42am

    Love the sultry tone to your text with the sultry pose of your image ….

  2. JM 2012.10.17 8:44am

    Is that a trick question?

    If it is not, then I think I can answer with an unequivocal Fuck Yes!!

  3. Jack and Jill 2012.10.17 9:16am

    I'd play any game you'd like, the more wicked the better. As always you entice and arouse me; I can think of nothing I'd like better than to demonstrate my willingness. My hard and eager flesh is up for the task.


  4. Verbose Lothario 2012.10.17 10:04am

    Hmm. Do I have the courage? One way to find out, I guess… 😉

  5. OsShirt 2012.10.17 1:46pm

    Bring it on, babe!

  6. the late phoenix 2012.10.17 5:03pm

    oh babes, your beautiful face, i, i…

    what a wicked game you play…but i want to score

    cheeky, you completeness me

  7. Southern Sir 2012.10.19 10:43am

    Such a wickedly delightful game you play
    Yet for so long has
    this desire,
    this need
    this longing
    consumed me

    The unequivocal answer to all your questions is a resounding


    Minx it is like a dream come true to see your beautiful visage.
    Let me brush your hair aside so I can kiss you.

  8. both.hands.please 2012.10.19 9:52pm

    Only for about the last gezumpteen months!

    You, CM, have redefined ache..

  9. Cougar in Training 2012.10.20 10:22pm

    Yes, yes, yes!

    Such a beautiful picture!

  10. Cheeky Minx 2012.10.21 8:41am

    1manview: I'm tickled you liked the sultry so well because that's just how I was feeling on that balmy night…

    JM: As you well know, I never ask trick questions, J. I prefer my mischief making elsewhere…

    Jack: “The more wicked the better”? Then you have yourself a very wanton playmate…

    Verbose Lothario: Indeed, VL, indeed… 😉

    Os: Done!

    the late phoenix: Ah, Jerry babe, you do the same to me… (Just don't start bouncing up and down on Oprah's yellow sofa. It tends to drain all my wickedness away!)

    Southern Sir: Such a perfect affirmation, SSir. These lips are ready…

    both.hands.please: If only that were true, bhp. Thank you for the seriously sexy compliment…

    Cougar in Training: That's what I like to hear! Thank you, lovely…

    Once again, thank you so much gorgeous guys and delectable doll…

    ~Minx x

  11. Rex Venom 2012.10.23 7:47pm

    To play your game
    would be fullfilment
    of the wicked
    so needed
    and wanted
    Rock on
    (amazing images, in both the pics and the words)

  12. Cheeky Minx 2012.10.25 7:15am

    This is such high praise from you, RV. And may I say, it's wonderful to see you back (and writing)…