43_FeelI feel it. I feel it now.

I feel it in my trembling flesh and coursing blood, in the core of these very bones, in the sheen prickling my skin, in those parts of my body that do not possess the powers of speech, in those places within me that commune with the shadows, with the dangerous darkness at my feet.

I feel it. I feel it now.

I feel it with a force that stops me dead in my tracks, that presses me hard against this chill, that leaves me clutching and shielding, desperate to bare myself to your gaze, to your kiss, to the nuance of your touch, to the man and his strength, to the perfection of your flesh.

I feel it. I feel it now.

I feel this desire for you, this desire to know you, to know you absolutely, to know you in the process of being, to know you with a completeness that leaves us drunk and consumed and careening out of control, plunging into the depths of our unique and mutual yearnings.

I feel it. I feel it now.

I feel it all just as I feel you here with me, just as I feel the urgent and sensual passions that fuel your need, that pique your mind and excite your body, that taunt you as you mingle in the crowd, as you move through your day, as you immerse yourself in those rare moments of solitude, as you stroke your nakedness imagining my hands and lips, my trailing locks upon your skin, as you coax your shaft to thicken and harden, as you rouse the lover, the beast within, as you bring me close, as you draw me near, as you press my breast into your thudding heartbeat, as you lure my aching cunt to your cock, as we meet and fuse and fuck and make love, as we whisper and moan and release, as we close our eyes, as we sink into the night, our bodies together and free.

  1. OsShirt 2012.09.21 1:26pm

    And I'd really like to be feeling it now. Whew!

  2. the late phoenix 2012.09.21 3:25pm

    i feel you…from across the seas, through the magic of blogs…

    lap dance? yes, please! :*

  3. Southern Sir 2012.09.22 3:34am

    I feel you just as you feel me deep down to the very core of our souls. The need, the lust fueled by unbridled passion. With the hunger of a wolf to feast upon you, not just your body but all of you, all that you are inside and out. Howling long into the night that carnal desire. The shadows our playground as we dance together the dance of lover's.

    Drinking deeply of your flowing nectar, a honey sweeter then any other. Plunging deeply within you as sensations over flow, overcoming as the world slides away.

  4. Cheeky Minx 2012.09.23 8:19am

    Os: I do so love getting you hot under the collar…

    the late phoenix: You bring the tune, I'll position the chair… 😉

    Southern Sir: The outside world does indeed slide away on reading your erotic and evocative words, SSir…

    To my gorgeous trio, my heartfelt thanks for your support and loyalty. I wish and hope I can continue to make you all feel – and feel compelled to return over and again.

    ~Minx x

  5. OsShirt 2012.09.23 2:14pm

    Gee, ya think?? 😛

  6. Southern Sir 2012.09.24 10:03am

    Wild horses couldn't keep me away!!

  7. Verbose Lothario 2012.09.24 10:40am

    Those parts of the body that don't possess the power of speech are singing right now.

  8. both.hands.please 2012.09.24 1:02pm

    Well, I'm no expert in matters electrical.. But that's just the sort of fusing that I could get my head around and into. I could pass it off as R&D.. and even write a report on it!

  9. Cheeky Minx 2012.09.27 10:15am

    Os and Southern Sir: I'm so very glad to hear it… 😉

    Verbose Lothario: And it's the sweetest tune known to woman…

    both.hands.please: I suspect you might need a closer inspection for your 'report', bhp. As a woman who champions research in all its variety, I'm very happy to help in any way…

  10. Marcus Myself 2012.10.23 10:27pm

    I am throbbing.
    Open yourself for me.
    Invite me in.
    Feel me sliding.
    Take me all the way.
    Pulsing, beating, thrusting and moaning.

    Our song echoes in the room.

  11. Cheeky Minx 2012.10.25 7:20am

    And what a song that would be, Marcus. Thank you for the gorgeous words…